Jenelle Evans and her tubal ligation procedure

Who is jenelle dating 2019, jenelle evans and david eason s relationship timeline

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Jenelle recovers from her abortion and meets a new guy. Chelsea learns that Adam has a new girlfriend. Chelsea investigates Adam's legal charges from his car accident. Javi gets information on Kailyn's pregnancy.

Kailyn and Jo disagree over Isaac's upcoming visitation schedule. Chelsea and Cole look at wedding venues. She will continue trying to get on reality tv shows or pitch her own and will try to supplement her income with posting about crappy products. Chelsea tells her friend Megan that she's giving Adam another chance. The second part of the check up starts with Chelsea and Leah.

Nathan s mother is pulling back her custody fight

Adam slips back into his old ways, much to the dismay of Chelsea. Briana starts exploring adoption. Jenelle accepts her plea bargain. Who is older janelle or Jessica?

David had previously met Jenelle's ex-husband, Courtland Rogers, when they were cellmates. Chelsea discusses Adam's legal letter with her lawyer and is advised not to have contact. Leah discovers that Corey wants full custody of the girls. What has the author Janelle Wade written?

Kailyn attempts to revise her custody agreement for the second time, but the judge sides against her. Chelsea and Cole decide to move in together. Leah feels isolated and decides to get a job. Kailyn focuses on college and files for a custody agreement with Jo. All the women travel to Los Angeles to film the reunion and specials, matchmaking hindi and Leah feels caught in the middle as tensions between Kailyn and Briana run high.

Jenelle receives a call from Barbara about Jace, leading to a huge fight. Leah and Jeremy work on their marriage. Their informant further alleged that Jenelle is broke, having no income save for the show and no savings of any kind. Ali becomes aware of muscular dystrophy.

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How tall is Janelle Perry? She was so bitter when Brianna was chosen and even more bitter when she was passed over when Farrah left. Chelsea is upset by Adam's online behavior.

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Jenelle Evans and her tubal ligation procedure

Jo confronts Kailyn about dating Jordan behind his back and she moves in with her mom. Kailyn goes skydiving to cope with her marital issues with Javi. Kailyn and Javi discuss the future about their marriage. Kailyn and Javi take the next step by moving in together.

Jenelle has been battling her sons grandmothers for custody of her boys

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Leah contemplates getting back together with Jeremy, Javi drops a bomb on Briana and Kailyn, and Chelsea struggles to have a good relationship with Adam's mom. Chelsea gets back on birth control to avoid another pregnancy scare. Addie's birthday party doesn't go as planned. Leah and Jeremy argue over his job.

  1. With her marriage to Jeremy on the rocks, Leah has to face Corey in court for custody of their daughters.
  2. Javi visits Briana in Orlando as their relationship heats up.
  3. Jenelle's medical problems lead to a fight with Barbara.

This girl has been a mentally ill trainwreck for years! Chelsea and Cole tie the knot. Leah prepares for a new chapter in her life.

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Chelsea lets Adam move in so Aubree can have a normal family. Through it all, Jenelle struggles to prove herself as a mom and responsible adult, but her party-girl ways keep leading her down the wrong path. Jenelle has her day in court for the breaking and entering and possession of marijuana charges. Kailyn and Javi start to discuss their future.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason s Relationship Timeline

Since then, Kailyn and Jo have made amends, as they are getting along for Isaac's sake. Kailyn settles into life at her mom's house, but can't get her belongings back from Jo. Chelsea convinces Randy to help her move into a new place.

Javi gets jealous when Briana calls on an ex to take care of her after surgery, Leah and Jeremy reconnect, and Aubree and Cole attend a father-daughter dance. Most tv shows, hosting gigs, podcasts etc. After their daughter is born, David plans another big surprise for Jenelle.

  • Chelsea worries she might be pregnant again after a one-night stand with Adam.
  • Leah and Corey fight when she reconsiders the wedding.
  • Chelsea and Adam make up, but Randy bans Adam from the holiday celebration.
  • Corey and Miranda's daughter, Remi, is born early and Leah tries to help out.

Jenelle deals with Nathan's upcoming jail time. Jenelle is trying to stay clean on probation. Jenelle gushed about her boyfriend as she posted a cute selfie of the couple to mark their one-year anniversary last week. Kailyn starts dating a new guy, much to the dismay of her ex Jo. Jenelle discovers that Gary slept with Tori before they started dating.

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Kailyn deals with Jo for the first time since she issued the order against him. Leah and Corey finalize their divorce. Chelsea struggles to get over Adam. Kailyn meets a cute new boy named Javi.

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