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Racing back to the castle, Odette and Derek see Clavius escaping in his hot-air balloon, from which Speed, Puffin and Jean-Bob are secretly clinging to in the hopes of being able to regain the orb. As future queen, Odette will do anything to protect her husband, Derek and her adoptive daughter, Alise. During her imprisonment, she befriends a turtle named Speed and a frog called Jean-Bob. After defeating Clavius, she transforms back into a human when the moon's reflection touches her, even though the magical orb of the legendary Forbidden Arts was destroyed.

The Swan Princess

The two share a kiss, enjoying their time together alone at last. Odette is kind, gentle and sweet to everyone she loves and cares about. Derek helps Alise's father out from the burning house but before he dies, he asks Derek to take care of Alise. When Clavius locks her in the tower, she asks Puffin, Bridgett, Speed and Jean-Bob to transform her back into a swan to warn Derek but she rescues him from the quicksand. Before going to the moonlight bridge, Derek and Odette make a promise to love each other for the rest of their lives and romantically kiss as the credits start to roll.

As he left, Rothbart appeared from behind the tree, carrying Derek's bow and finds out about the ball. The Evil Force burns a house and a man with his daughter, Alise, are trapped inside. When Derek sets out to rescue his mother, Clavius sneaks into Swan Lake castle, where he locks Odette in a tower and then goes after the orb himself. Clavius dies in the resulting eruption, but everyone escapes.

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When the notes were burned, the flames take shape of a swan and Odette herself materializes, returns back to life. Clavius stumbles upon the remaining group and a chase ensues. Brian Nissen Richard Rich.

Before she dies, she tells Derek that she loves him and dies. Before he leaves, Rothbart vows that he will take everything that the king owns and loves. The orb shatters, causing an eruption.

Was this review helpful to you? The royal couple Odette and Derek face yet another evil magician, this time a woman named Zelda. As Derek makes his vows to the fake Odette, she suddenly feels weaker due to Rothbart's spell that drains her life source, thus killing her. One of the main reasons for this was competition, since the animated movie was released at the same time as some of the biggest box office juggernauts of its time.

Rothbart an evil sorcerer, plots to conquer King William kingdom with dark magic, but fails when the king sends a surprise party to attack Rothbart tower. Once upon a time, there was a king named William, who ruled a large and mighty kingdom.

Odette and her father are then attacked by Lord Rothbart, a vengeful sorcerer who was cast out of William's kingdom when he plotted against the king. Puffin later informed Derek that Odette has been killed.

Audible Download Audio Books. The magical inhabitants of a rainforest fight to save their home, which is threatened by logging and a polluting force of destruction called Hexxus.

Alise starts to like her new family but a nightmare troubles her and Odette sings her a lullaby to comfort her. Odette and Derek go to Trumbeau to make a trade agreement. One day, an injured puffin bird named Puffin crashes near them and is nursed back to health by Odette.

Bridget, who was once Rothbart's accomplice but has joined the side of good, recognizes Clavius and knows that he is after the Forbidden Arts. Clavius tries to stop them, and during the struggle the orb is dropped. She is reluctant to do so, until she sees him and falls in love with him. While there the king talks about how her late father King William saved him in battle. Odette and Derek had a special celebration as it is their first Christmas together as husband and wife.

Another Scullion whom Odette names Scully helps cure Derek. Derek promises with Odette to raise Alise as their adoptive daughter together.

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Later, Odette sees the metal box with the green glowing stone that can destroy the Swan Princess. The Evil Force is seeking for a glowing green stone to destroy the Swan Princess for centuries but failed. She is the only one who can change into a swan by day and regain her human form by night. The movie ends with Alise, the official princess of the royal family, tarzan ebooks together with Odette and Derek as a happy family. Animation Adventure Comedy.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. One of the flying squirrels nearly killed Derek by sending him a poison arrow.

At the end of the film, Derek and Odette are married and they become future king and queen thus uniting their kingdoms as Derek and Odette's parents hoped. Clavius has Knuckles perform acts of vandalism in the kingdom that keep Derek busy and make him neglect both Odette and Uberta. The following day, a royal guest arrives at the castle, but Derek asks Rogers to take care of it, as he wishes to spend the day with Odette. They spend the summer helping the people of the kingdom.

Learn more More Like This. Scully saves her and Odette tries to free Alise but fails. Clavius now wants to claim the magical orb of the Forbidden Arts that is located somewhere in Swan Lake castle, which has become Derek and Odette's new home. Derek quickly rushes to the scene, only to find a dying King William and Odette gone. He is reluctant to do so, until he sees her and falls in love with her.

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In the fourth movie, she revealed to be able to use her singing voice to weaken Rothbart when he returns from the dead to get revenge during Christmas. Odette vows to find Alise and was nearly killed by Mangler, the leader of the Scullions. Scully sacrifices himself to save Odette. After they completed a new bridge across a ravine they get alerted by Chamberlain that Alise has run off. Odette says it is their first Christmas together as husband and wife.

It is the only film in the series to be released by Warner Bros. Derek is forced to meet again with Odette as well. She promises Alise that she will always be there for her and Alise has confidence in her new family but refuses to speak.