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But nothing comes even close to Iljin scandal or Drug scandal. And doesnt sing the chorus or does any kind of ab libs. At this point we better brace for impact because Ikon is going to go down hill without Hanbin.

IKON s B.I Full Profile

Tuesday August 19 2014

Mino especially has gone through so much already with BoM and Block B to finally get here. Jinhwan told him to stop dressing that way, which Junhoe was grateful of later. This came before actually. Well, here's that iljin report we were all so curious about!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. And last but not least, this scandal. This really makes no sense to me though. Home Entertainment Contact Us. Also, jinhwan said his type now is someone he can listen to, he said that on star room.

  1. Can you use these pictures instead?
  2. Hey why arnt you mentioning Chan.
  3. The brand plans to open a pop-up store at JayCo in Taiwan.
  4. Student accounts being made up by the press?
  5. Um some of the positions are probably inaccurate.

True I am not saying their aren't however their are people saying he was bully and from the looks of it it's not just one person but multiple so. Yg is clearly trusting dispatch more then the actual tests that he knew happened. They are soo powerful its killing me. One of the answers is correct.

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Fit well in over sized cardigan and blue jeans with sneakers under slim ankles. Was there video or photo evidence? Source on Ju-ne speaking Japanese fluently?

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Yunhyeong is definitely not the center, B. He will be in our hearts forever as a member, but he is technically not a member anymore as he officially left the band. Still drugs in my opinion are not okay, dating done or thought about.

So he left for nothing really. Idols depart from groups all the time. So many scandals, I am at the point that i stopped being surprised now. Idk i saw in another articles about this.

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Is it wrong for me to want all of ikon to leave yg with him? He also gets the same amount of singing time a Chan and Dk. Love them all, especially Ju-ne. So just curious, these dudes waited until after their public debut stage to confess all this? Although not many believe in a Twitter account that predicts what will happen in the K-Pop industry, hook it turns out that some of them actually happened.

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They said he loves wine and drinking. Jennie profile has not updated by the label even though everyone knows shes a lead vocal. Why no one reveal this when the audition program is showing?

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Join, post and win goodies with your favorite Kpop bands shipped directly to your home for free! Idk it can be right or wrong. Well if true then they probably waited till everything was set in stone for him to get some sort of payback. This will not just go away. Just now, married dating sites northern ireland K-Pop music fans were stirred up with news coming from a pair of K-Pop idols who are very famous.

We added the fact to his individual profile and gave you credits there! On his Instagram account, Yunhyeong has uploaded his bag decorated with a flower logo. We gave you credits in the post, ofc! He did not bought anything.

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They described him as a light bulb because he lights up their mood and is warm to them. Im still kinda lost about all these iljin thingys? Every single one of you matters.

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  • Dating news involving Korean idols are always a hot topic of conversation.
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  • And also, unlike the Big Bang members, he never took the drugs anyway.
  • Hanbin also likes to hike.

If an artist has a better and stronger voice they should get more lines. Can someone explain to me what it is? How is bobby shorter than b. Probably ate good food then. Seems like they did it on purpose.

Are k-netizens will hate him forever like what they do to girl groups rumoured iljins or forgive him? Damn, right after their debut too. Plus almost all idols have rumors of them being iljins. Even this relationship has been widely known to people in the K-Pop industry. Yes that is true although he speaks very good Manderin!

Taking the matter seriously, he has decided to leave the team and terminate his exclusive contract. They met as seniors and juniors in the music industry, became friends and began dating about three to four months ago. The report states that the two of them started dating three to four months ago. Sources said that the two idols met as seniors and juniors, then became friends who then developed feelings for each other and started dating about three months ago.


YG WIN Team B Come-To-Me Dance for singles tutorial

Dealing with mental breakdowns alone is not okay. We provide you with the latest Korean news. But this is really bad for Winner thought, iljin is really huge deal in Korea. Someone i know who works in Korea said that there's one thing he learnt while working there - looks are deceiving.

IKON Members Profile

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