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It's a shortcut to connect you to the official SimCity website, where you can exchange regions and cities. Unlike previous SimCity games, each rec area costs monthly, so don't go nuts. If you're a SimCity vet, you could skip a bunch of this, but it really would be best to read it, begone guerra or at least skim it.

The tourists will stop by and see your city, drool over it, and want to be a part of it. The first button lets you build a large variety of power plants, along with power lines to link the plant to your zones. In my rookie days, I used to think that the reason people weren't coming in was because there was something wrong with my policies. Overpass on-ramps usually force drivers to bottleneck at that point, but the drivers can get to the other side of the highway by cutting under it. Also new with the expansion pack are ground highways as opposed to the normal elevated highways.

Winds and Global Changes c. These sims will take low-caliber jobs like fast food cooks or factory workers. The query tool alone is almost worth the price of the expansion pack, and can be used to plan mass transit routes. Third, the cities will share tourists.

They are far and away safer as far as fire is concerned. However, they all bring their own problems, so if you can sustain yourself without them, do so. If you have a large building, you'll get more people in it than a small building.

SimCity 4 Rush Hour - FAQ/Strategy Guide - PC - By PyroFalkon - GameFAQs

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Once you've upgraded the residential zones, upgrade your commercial zones as well. Airports provide more people than seaports, but they help commercial zones instead of industrial zones.

SimCity 4 Rush Hour - FAQ/Strategy Guide - PC - By PyroFalkon - GameFAQs

Link the two stations however you can bus stops excluded. This is your destruction tool, used for taking out trees, buildings, pipes, power lines, and everything else in your way.

SimCity 4 Rush Hour Preview

If you take stuff away, then you're defeating the purpose. Still, I enact it once I can afford to. Your sim is very helpful now, accurately telling you how to run the part of town he lives in.

SimCity 4 Rush Hour Preview - GameSpot

So, to fill the rest of that demand, you need to restore Ground Zero. It comes with a hefty price tag, though. Get a small one and place it so it too covers the whole city if possible.

Open your Data View screen. You need to first clean up your industries before ordinances will help. By building a seaport or two, the demand for your industry of all types increases.

SimCity 4 Rush Hour

Green cities make the environmentalists happy, especially because they cut down the pollution poisoning the city. For a new town, you have the option of importing a town you downloaded, or just starting from scratch.

If it does that, it will make a rather large radius of land radioactive, and you can't do anything with radioactive land for the rest of the game. Okay, onto the six small buttons.

Seaports assist your industries by hauling their goods across the oceans and rivers of your region. Mesas raise a circle of land and top them off, giving a nice area to plop down a landmark, but denying direct access from the bottom. Some vehicles have certain individual features, such as a police siren on police cars or the capacity to damage sections of the city with munitions from vehicles such as tanks, helicopters and jets. One has to be going north-south, and the other east-west. If you took my advice and are playing on the second-smallest plot, a large station effectively covers a quarter of the map.

SimCity 4 Rush Hour FAQ/Strategy Guide

Added to the expansion is a power of that query button. They really do know what they're talking about, although catering to everyone's wishes will leave you broke. Place the building in such a way where you can cover the whole town especially the power plant if you can.

You can run these trains across Rush Hour's new elevated train tracks, which can be built over freeways and do not interfere with regular traffic. They also house small office buildings.