Service Manual Evinrude

Anti-Siphon valve restricting fuel flow. Check cowl air inlet and carburetor for obstructions.

Run engine, and inspect fuel passing thru hose s for air bubbles. Specifications can include general component specifications propeller information, lubrication and sealant types, etc. An inlet needle in carburetor that is stuck open or closed.

Step-by-step repair instructions

The piston system of the power plant is made of wear-resistant alloy, which provides a high lifespan of boat motors. Restricted fuel flow to carburetor.

Service manual evinrude

Ignition timing Troubleshooting Charts. Dirty or restricted fuel filter.

The fuel pickup in fuel tank clogged or dirty. The subsequent pages give detailed procedures.

In fuel pump reassembly, remember that respective diaphragms go against the mating surfaces of the fuel pump body, and respective gaskets are between the diaphragms and end caps. Performing the scheduled maintenance is very important. Check fuel line connections, hose clamps, fuel pump, and fuel outlet tube located in fuel tank for loose fittings. Tighten cover or replace gasket.

Damaged fuel pump diaphragm. Check condition of all fuel lines and replace any found to be bad. Air vent must be open and free from contaminants. The lubricating system with directional injection protects the working cylinders for a long time, which ensures reliable operation of the power plant.

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Defective hole or crack check valve s in fuel pump unlikely. Air leaks past mixing chamber cover. Reset float to correct level. Improper main jet or restricted jet.

Enrichener valve not operating. Boost diaphragm gasket distorted or out of place. Vapor lock Any type of anti-siphon device must be located between the outboard fuel inlet and fuel tank outlet. Gaskets should always be replaced on fuel pump assembly.

Electrical wiring diagrams are a simplified drawing showing the inner workings or a schematic representation. Restricted filter in fuel tank. Align or replace gasket if necessary.

Crankcase pulsating pressure created by the up-and-down movement of piston is transferred to fuel pump by way of a passage hole between crankcase and fuel pump. This vacuum also pulls in on the fuel pump diaphragm, thus the inlet check valve in fuel pump is opened and fuel from fuel tank is drawn into fuel pump.

Features of Evinrude Boat Motors. They have compact dimensions, easily transported and mounted on the stern of the boat. Check fuel lines and filter s for restricted flow. Checking for Restricted Fuel Flow Caused by Anti-Siphon Valves While anti-siphon valves are helpful from a safety standpoint, they clog, they may be too small, or they may have too heavy a spring.

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Clean or replace fuel filter. Check and tighten all connections. Check - Air vent must be open all-the-way and free from restrictions. It contains part removal, disassembly, cleaning, assembly and reinstallation procedures.

Electronic component testing

Evinrude outboard engines are lightweight and feature quiet operation. Evinrude Product Information Guide. Tighten or replace gasket. Tighten all screws evenly and securely. Fuel tank air vent closed or restricted.

Loose fuel line connection. Fuel pump anchor screw s loose. Blow out with compressed air. Due to the presence of the E-Tec direct injection system, boat engines are highly economical, since the fuel is supplied directly to the combustion chamber, where it is layer-by-layer burning.

Service manual evinrude

Chamber cover leaking air. In addition to its attractive appearance, it provides protection against corrosion. Air leakage into fuel system.

Refer to main jet chart and replace with proper jet. Check and tighten all fuel line connections. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Incorrect repairs to an outboard motor can cause sever internal engine damage, violent and damaging short circuits or severe electrical shocks. Worn out fuel pump diaphragm.

Fuel pump gasket s worn out. Pictures, electrical schematic diagrams and illustrated part breakdowns are included in the manual to help the mechanic complete the repair job successfully. They are critical for understanding how electricity makes a component operate.

Each Eninrude repair manual contains detailed information telling how the motor should be fixed. Evinrude repair manuals teach you how to properly test electrical and mechanical components so as to determine a problem and its corrective action. Downloadable repair manuals can be transmitted straight to a computer in seconds. If there is a need to buy a reliable, economical and powerful outboard motor, party boy song Evinrude power units will be the optimal solution to this problem.

Testing Install clear fuel hose s between fuel pump and carburetor s. Broken check valve retainer. Main nozzle or idle nozzle air bleed holes plugged.

Service manual evinrude