Top 10 rheem water heater repairers near you

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  • They achieve this through the use of an electric ignition and damper.
  • Anode rods work by preventing corrosion and cracks to the glass lining in your hot water tank by attracting harmful minerals in the water.
  • Both the installer and the company do not care and refuse to stand by their product.
  • Rheem is a subsidiary of Paloma industries.

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Now I have a complete leak of the system. Each time I would get a different story and I escalated the issue several times and nobody ever got back to me. Rude, aggressive and absolutely outrageous in their behavior. The water temperature that this heater puts out is perfect. Tank started leaking so I called Rheem for warranty on the tank.

After a few weeks of research and visiting various warehouse stores, we decided on the Rheem Performance Plus forty gallon water heater. In North America call and listen for the prompt to take you to warranty information provided by the company. The unit was on a maintenance program.

Each unit comes with a high temperature chip option that increases the output water temperature by degrees. Two weeks later I'm back with no hot water. With the new heater I can turn the hot water to half way and it is hotter than my previous water heater by far.

It had rusted through the bottom and was flooding for days. This caused extensive damage. Not covered and nothing they could do. If I could give them zero stars, I would.

It has so many problems such as bad compressor less than a year. With nearly years experience in producing hot water heaters, Rheem is the industry standard and the main brand we install. Steve of Canada Verified Reviewer. It heats faster than my previous heater. No one mentioned they could send a tech out.

Top 10 rheem water heater repairers near you

How old is my water heater

Why do I have to pay the labor to constantly replace parts that are under warranty? If I had to buy another hot water heater in the future I would try to buy from this same brand name, no other one. Dan was super personable and very trustworthy!

Decoding Older Rheem Water Heater Data Tags

Serial Number Date Code Reference ( )

Even though their product is at fault they want the consumer to pay to fix the problems they caused by selling a bad product. Will never do business with Home Depot or Rheem again. We needed a replacement and fast! We purchased a home in that was fully rehabbed before its resale. Not only do I have more hot water, holding hands while dating it seems to be a much higher temperature than before.

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The banging started again. These units come with a second anode rod installed. To date we have found at least nine Rheem water heater age encoding schemes depending on the era of manufacture and also on the type of water heater. Fast is the operative word here.

Rheem Water Heaters

This prevents harmful mineral deposits from forming and cracking the glass lining of the storage tank. By Monday night we had not seen anything arrive so we called Home Depot to complain. Waiting for the replacement, as I type. Though annoying, team matchmaking afk not overly serious. They will not work with you and the warranty!

This unit is three years old and faulty. It will take weeks to clean up the house. We got a new one home, and opened the box. She also said she had to defend Leah's behavior because she such a good and loyal employee and Leah was the only person who could possibly handle my claim. One unit is for upstairs, does what the other for downstairs.

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The next person said they would expedite a new assembly offered it so quickly it must be common complaint. The electric models are recommended for smaller applications. You will need your product name and model number as well as serial number to look up the exact information for your unit. They said that they would send me a thermostat by mail and it should arrive the next day.

At that time I tried to contact their technician to schedule installation and he did not return my call. After one year, the system began to malfunction and blow water into the ductwork and house. The other reason I like the Rheem is that it has a year manufacturer warranty. Labor coverage includes the repair or replacement of any part of the water heater due to defect in material or workmanship.

How do I tell the age of a Rheem water heater from the serial number

We purchased a home water heater with installation from Home Depot. Every six months there is another problem. After two and a half years leaks developed in the air handlers allowing the coolant to escape.

Rheem Tank Water Heaters (Electric)

Called back and no work order was put in. The Point-of-Use electric series provides a six year warranty on both the tank and parts. We are remodeling and will need to install a direct vent rather than chimney vent model. It is still under warranty but they refuse to replace it. The Warrior series consists of smaller models that are specifically produced for manufactured housing.

Never worked once installed after replacing both pilot light assembly and control module. Instead I've had to pay someone for all this fusion around. LeMarr has provided his file of keys to decode Water Heater Age from the data provided on the manufacturer's equipment labels.

Dating Hot Water Heaters - Serial number codes
Rheem Performance Plus Water Heater

Next year's investment will be to replumb for an outside or garage heater. Now they will not honor my warranty because the house was not in my name at the time of installation. Keep an eye on your inbox, the lastest consumer news is on it's way! Tried to other technicians outside of my area with no success.

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Inferior solder corrodes and fails. They don't expect most people to live in one place long enough to have problems, so the store or supplier have the models which seem like a good bargain. Rheem warranties vary slightly by the model and type of water heater.

Rheem Water Heater Parts - Rheem Parts - Rheem Replacement Parts

Rheem water heaters deliver the reliability you demand as a homeowner from a critical home appliance combined with long-term energy savings and an affordable installation. If a contractor insist on Rheem, go to another contractor. The year warranty water heaters from Rheem are a step-up. Also, if you lose electricity during a power outage, the unit will not be able to heat your water.

  1. Exploiting the fact that heat rises, most of these machines consist of a large water-filled drum that has a heating mechanism attached.
  2. The unit in the garage overflowed and began to leak into the garage causing water damage.
  3. Local, state, and federal incentives and rebates may be available when a consumer purchases a solar water heater.
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