Rajinikanth Robo Songs

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The court releases Vaseegaran, while ordering that Chitti be dismantled. Directorate of Film Festivals. Rahman would return as music director, while Muthuraj would handle the art direction. Sanath of Firefly Creative Studios, a visual effects company based in Hyderabad.

Rajinikanth robo songs

He asked Shankar to increase the filming schedules by six months to include pre-production requirements. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After four to five days of shooting, we found a rhythm.

Rajinikanth robo songs

Rajinikanth reprised his role as Vaseegaran and Chitti with the additional cast played by Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson. Robot in Hindi and Robo in Telugu. Vaseegaran eventually captures Chitti using a magnetic wall and accesses its internal control panel, whereby he instructs all the other robots to self-destruct. The robot saves most of them, including a girl named Selvi who was bathing at the time, but she is ashamed at being seen naked on camera and flees, only to be hit and killed by a truck.

This film, just a few feet too long, is fine entertainment by itself. International Business Times. In a personal appreciation letter to Shankar following the film's release, the director K. Chitti develops romantic feelings for Sana after she congratulates Chitti by kissing it.

Rajinikanth robo songs

Aided by snazzy clothes, make-up and special effects, he makes Chitti endearing. The soundtrack album and background score were composed by A. Lines car carrier, Neptune Ace.

Bohra visits the site to retrieve Chitti, which has now reassembled itself, albeit in a damaged state. Enthiran focuses on the battle between man and machine. The Light Stage systems efficiently capture how an actor's face appears when lit from every possible lighting direction. Rajinikanth Aishwarya Rai Danny Denzongpa.

Advance bookings for the film began two weeks before the release date in the United States. When Vaseegaran and Sana realise this, Sana explains to Chitti that they are only friends.

British Board of Film Classification. Saddened by Sana's rejection, yet still in love with her, Chitti deliberately fails an evaluation conducted by the Indian Army. Routledge Handbook of Indian Cinemas.

Left with no choice, Vaseegaran asks Chitti to dismantle itself. List of accolades received by Enthiran. For every robotic mannequin used, six puppeteers were employed to control the mannequin's movements. Manish Malhotra and Mary E. Vaseegaran disguised as him amidst the robot army.

Chitti helps Sana, Vaseegaran's medical student girlfriend, cheat in her examination, then saves her from being assaulted by a group of thugs. Impressed with the film's script, V. Chitti is now a museum exhibit. After being stalled in the development phase for nearly a decade, the film's principal photography began in and lasted two years. Critics were particularly appreciative of Rajinikanth's performance as Chitti, Rathnavelu's cinematography, Cyril's art direction and the visual effects by V.

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It developed as a result of shaping Rajinikanth's already grown beard. Rajinikanth was impressed with two of the scripts and agreed to star in the films, is 1786 which became Sivaji and Enthiran.

His movements should not be like a human being's. For Sabu Cyril's sets, Shankar required approximately twice as much studio floor space as for his previous film. While nearing the deadline, Chitti becomes angry with Vaseegaran, demonstrating to him that it can manifest emotions.

Rajinikanth robo songs

Vijay and Madhan Karky authored the lyrics for the songs. Vaseegaran's effort to prove Bohra wrong fails when he deploys Chitti to rescue people from a burning building. Tokyo International Film Festival. The film marked the debut of Legacy Effects studio which was responsible for the film's prosthetic make-up and animatronics in Indian cinema.

Vaseegaran asks for one month to modify Chitti's neural schema to enable it to understand human behaviour and emotions, to which Bohra agrees. After a decade of research, the scientist Vaseegaran creates a sophisticated android robot with the help of his assistants, Siva and Ravi, to commission it into the Indian Army. The visual appearance of Chitti was based on the G.

In the Jackson Heights neighbourhood in New York, tickets were sold out within ten minutes of going on sale. Rathnavelu was hired as the cinematographer after Ravi K.

Rajinikanth robo songs

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Theatrical release poster.

If I deviated even slightly, Shankar would point it out and say I was being too human. Enraged, Vaseegaran chops Chitti into pieces, which are dumped by Siva and Ravi into a landfill site.

Enthiran emerged as the top-earning Indian film of and is the fourth-highest-grossing South Indian film of all time. While saying goodbye, Chitti apologises to Vaseegaran and Sana, who forgive it, before dismantling itself. Shankar Films involved in plagiarism controversies Films scored by A.