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He has written many plays, both for the theater and for radio production, poetry, and prose fiction. How can we tell that Lakunle is hardly broken-hearted? Because she has been seduced or because she has been deceived? What does Aafaa mean by saying there is no division in this new religion? Why do you think he is introduced into the play?

Such politicians rarely make speeches. What is it the Bale says he dislikes about progress?

Ham is forbidden to Muslims, as it is to Jews. It is a tradition to insult someone by insulting his mother. How does Jero plan to use him to get rid of Chume?

Why do you think Si Bero chooses Blindman as her assistant? How can we tell that Baroka is confident of his ability to seduce Sidi? Why does Jero change his mind about allowing Chume to beat his wife?

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Baroka, the Bale chief of the village is a major character later in the play, here introduced as standing for tradition. The exploitation and oppression of colonialism has now become postcolonial exploitation and oppression. Her story of the rusted key which could not open her treasure house is an obvious sexual metaphor. It is not always clear whether they are insane or simply expressing themselves satirically.

The new faith began not with God but with its priesthood. The beggars claim to be have been discharged from the army, but Bero insists they are still under his orders.

What do we learn about the relationship between Bero and the beggars? Biblical passages are given here from the King James translation, erotska literatura online dating which would have been the one familiar to Soyinka and his audience.

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The story is told that the ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes went about in daylight carrying a lighted lantern. What appeals to her in what he has said?

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Socrates was condemned to execution by drinking a potion made of hemlock berries. He clings to modernism as an excuse for saving money, though the following description makes clear that he actually enjoys the performance. Despite his modern pretensions, he is underneath not so alien to Sidi and her comrades as one might at first suppose. If the purpose is worthy, then normally immoral means may be used to achieve it. What do you think of the fact that Sidi seems to have learned that she is beautiful through the magazine photographs?

How does Jero appeal to him? This Jeroboam denies, at least in the case of Prophets. The beggars, who had pled insanity to escape punishment for their crimes, claim to have been driven mad by his truth-telling. His flirtatious opening speech may seem rather crude, but is typical of the kind of jesting that goes on in courtship. When Lakunle proposes to Sidi he is quoting words he has read in popular English books about marriage.

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Why does he say he is still needed? Why is Sidi angry with Baroka? Note how the beggars run a variation on this story.

To what extent does he succeed? Note that his pretentious metaphors are answered by her pithy proverb. What is the nature of the relationship between Bero and his father?