Pottery - Ceramic Trade Marks - General Guide

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The smooth solid glazes and shapes identify Solana Ware, but much of this dinnerware is marked on the bottom. Ben Owen's website has a brief section on the Potter's Mark for the curious. This particular mark is sometimes very faintly incised into the porcelain with the sunburst being the most recognizable attribute and the H and G lettering barely legible. David Chohlidakis is a contemporary Texas pottery from Devine who makes wheel-thrown pottery under the Chohlidakis Originals name.

How to Identify Pottery and Porcelain Marks

Chohlidakis pottery distribution seems to be primarily in Texas and California. We have many pieces with this mark that belonged to my husband's parents and they were purchased here in California when the factory was still active. This mark without France and Limoges in block letters dates to the s.

Other pieces are unmarked but the glazes are unusual and often help identify the products. La Mirada made crackle and drip glazes and used an incised mark that was broken script. Buffalo made both semi-vitreous and vitreous wares, and some pieces indicated the type in the mark. When she discussed her desire to create fine pottery with her father, he provided the means and environment that allowed her to pursue her creative passions.

Weller Pottery Marks How to Identify and Date Pottery

The mark is stamped in small print but with excellent detail. This mark can be found on a wide variety of pottery items and various lines produced by Weller during the years when the company was concentrating on fine hand-decorated art pottery. The same basic mark was used with a number of different patterns made by Metlox, fake dating the with just the pattern name changing as applicable. Read more about Niloak Pottery at the Encyclopedia of Arkansas.

Weller Pottery Marks
Cajun Collection

Although this pottery looks Native American, it isn't. Variations of this mark used ca. Hull Pottery Company started as A. Sometimes seen with a Germany circle mark in addition to the crown mark. DeLee pieces are hand-painted, often with closed eyes and long lashes or scared-open eyes.

Gordy pottery were in several Georgia locations from until into the s. The pottery relocated to Aberdeen, Ga. Warwick China made pottery and dinnerware from semi-porcelain and vitrified china in Wheeling, W. The company made utilitarian art pottery and bathroom fixtures. Buffalo pottery made semi-vitreous restaurant ware but is most famous for colorful Deldare Ware.

Pottery Marks Index

Onondaga Pottery, sometimes marked O. Roseville Reproduction Mark. Gordy was a folk art potter and a studio art potter who contributed to the museum in Lumpkin, Georgia. McCoy Pottery was founded in in Roseville.

Marks are incised or cut into the wet clay, impressed with a tool into the wet clay or stamped with a machine and ink on dry clay. The ceramics operation closed in and molds were sold, dating website gps possibly to Gilner. Hagen-Renaker is known for miniatures with colored slip clay. Variations of this particular Rosenthal mark have been used since the mids.

How to Date Pottery

Subtle differences in these marks can lend to more accurately dating this type of pottery, according to information provided on the Old Quimper website. See below for more dating information on similar Coiffe marks. Royal Doulton used dating systems with a number of their marks. The earliest Capodimonte marks were variations of the fleur de lis. Blue Ridge used different marks during this time, sometimes lines of script with the Southern Potteries and Blue Ridge names and sometimes a round mark with a pine tree.

  • DeLee was marked with a foil sticker and sometimes a stamped mark on ecru clay.
  • We'll update this if we can find another for you.
  • Some early marks included the name of the line, but most just indicated that the piece was made by Weller as shown below.
  • There are many variations of these marks.
  • Haeger made Royal Haeger while Royal Hickman was affiliated with the company.

How to Date Rookwood Pottery

  1. Vallona Starr made salt and pepper shakers you might find on the secondary market.
  2. Most Buffalo pottery is marked and sometimes includes an image of a buffalo.
  3. Metlox Pottery Made in California.
  4. The Hudson line was produced during the s dating this Weller mark to that time period.
  5. Purinton was hand-decorated pottery without the use of decals or stencils.

It used a black or gold backstamp with the Stangl name in an oval as well. The company has been in business from to present. Later pieces were marked in the mold.

Weller Pottery operated in Fultonham and Zanesville, Ohio from until with standard glaze and hand-painted pottery at the turn of the century that rivaled Loy-Nel-Art and Rookwood. Identifying a mark on a piece of pottery or porcelain is often the first step in researching the value of these antique and collectible pieces. Goss Vermont Pottery used interesting speckled glazes on much of their wares.

Artist decorated Rookwood pottery will have similar markings with the addition of an artists initials or cypher. The award changed the way the international ceramics community viewed American ceramic art. This is the first fleur de lis mark used by the Royal Factory in Naples, Italy stamped in either blue or gold. Most Weller production was yellow or light-colored clay.

Pottery - Ceramic Trade Marks - General Guide

Black Beauty denotes the name of a popular chintz dinnerware pattern. Antigua was a pattern marked Vernon Ware by Metlox. Holt-Howard was an import company, not an American pottery. The family operated the pottery after his death in until a sale in the s.

Lightron Corporation purchased Cordey in and made lamps under the Schiller-Cordey name. These were souvenir pieces available for sale in the shop near the Railroad in Canon City, dating runners uk Colorado. Winart was marked with a foil label and some pieces have a script mark impressed on the bottom.

About Kovels

Some of the Hall teapots are interesting shapes and very valuable. It is marked in the mold with an incised eCanada Art Pottery stamp. Some were gilt or had stamped patterns, and some were carved. The molded wares are not as desirable as hand made pieces, but they are still considered collectible at a lower price point. Many Weller pieces with Matte Green as defined by the company when they were new coloring have this distinctive look to the base.

Poole Pottery Identification Dates and Marks

How to Date Pottery

How to Date Rookwood Pottery

This mark is seen in green, gray and red. They produced many pieces of white ware that were decorated elsewhere and decorated porcelain as well. Mount Saint Helens Ashware produces souvenir pottery from volcanic ash from Mt.

Identify Your Antique Pottery and Porcelain Marks With This Easy Guide
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