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Used in lieu of a bike with gears for those with lower extremity limitations. She beat the cancer, but to save her life, her leg was amputated above the knee. Samuel Franklin, year-old son of Martin Franklin, the evening's honoree.

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It is what we do to overcome them that is important. Glavey receive a standing ovation. Every man and woman who puts on a uniform does so knowing full well they may not come home.

It is currently one of the most popular sports in the Paralympic Games. David was born with a deformed leg, much like Sarah's, but he has not had the shorter one amputated. Glavey, it means having the role models and foundation to realize that anything is possible. Kaela's brother Anton joins her on stage.

They live in Mission Viejo, California. Ice sledge hockey was invented in the early s in Stockholm, Sweden at a rehabilitation center. Proud Father, Matt Cruz, snaps a photo of his daughter Kaela on stage. She lost her leg in a bomb explosion.

For many participants this is the first time they have ever run since their amputation. What's important is not the man you are when you are standing tall and winning that matters. The running clinic begins. Sarah with Kaela and her parents, Donna and Matt Cruz.

He gets them to kick out their prosthesis, balance on their prosthetic legs and run leg-over-leg. Sarah Reinertsen and I had dinner the night before her runners workshop. Martin Franklin was the evening's honoree. You will succeed only if you put your unconditional trust in the person next to you to do their job.

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Melanie Wilson bidding at the auction where attendees could help pay for prosthetics to be donated to challenged athletes. Dossous is a fashion stylist. Sarah switching prosthetic legs. People with disabilities have no excuse to fall victim to what others perceive their disabilities to be. Here she is telling the participants that they can do anything.

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At the end of the evening, a performance by Macy Gray, two-time Grammy Award winner. When Sarah Reinertsen was just seven when she had her leg amputated above the knee because of a congenital birth defect.

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She was told that she would never be able to run. Her prosthetic foot was made after taking a mold of a girlfriend's left foot which was similar to Sarah's.

He is training in Colorado Springs for the swimming olympics. Sarah Reinertsen is one of the people I most admire. If they had made a mold of Sarah's foot she would have ended up with two right feet. Jason Lamoreaux from the Stokes Auction Group conducts a spirited auction.

The truth is, we all have our limitations. Jolie Sutter talking with Sarah Reinertsen.

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Army Captain Stockwell was the first woman injured in combat in Iraq. Later in the week, she co-hosted a benefit for the Challenged Athletes Foundation at the Waldorf-Astoria. Her necklace is by Lanvin. He is now training to be a sprinter. She avoids soy sauce for this reason.

Rudy Garcia-Tolson and Pierre Lucien. With its emergence, amputee runners could not only finish a long distance event, but also do so with a very respectable time. Bob Gailey is a world renowned physical therapist who has helped hundreds of amputees learn how to run. As an amputee, matchmaking with anomaly I know first-hand that the necessary equipment and special prosthetics it takes to compete can sometimes be a greater barrier than the competition itself.

But that championship season did not start out so great. Right now I'm in training for a two-day mile bike ride in the Bay area. Sarah with my daughter, Lily Vonnegut.

These are the lessons that are brave troops embrace everyday. When Kaela was ready, Challenged Athletes Foundation made sure she had a running foot. He told me over a million dollars. You don't give up when the chips are down. If they do, it might be with a life-changing disability.

This foot is also custom made for juniors based on age, weight, and height. It's how teamwork can get you through tough times and how the bond between individuals can help overcome any obstacle.

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