Naoto Shirogane

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Make sure this is what you intended. After discovering the true mastermind, they decide to retire for the day. Listed below will be the name of the person or group of the Social link, the Arcana type they favor, the location s they are found, and the earliest date you can start the social link.

Persona 4 golden dating naoto

As she comes to, she promptly runs into Yu who, after a fight, informs her of the events that transpired in Inaba during her absence. Thus, Naoto is often high risk but very high reward for a unique playstyle that's difficult to grip. After defeating the Shadow, Naoto reveals that her parents were detectives as well, but were both killed in one of their investigations.

Naoto's All-Out Attack portrait in Golden. Naoto agrees, thinking it's for the best. The social link skills that Naoto learns upon development of her Social Link are also listed below. Your twisted logic is that of an immature, egotistic brat!

In the anime, the bond between Naoto and Yu is represented by the Persona Atropos. Furthermore, Naoto claims that the only rewards she wants for solving the case is the truth, and wants no assistance from other departments, further annoying Dojima. Although Naoto didn't immediately understand it, she confirms her suspicions when Yu and Yosuke officially reform the Investigation Team during their party celebrating Yu's return. They suspect Mitsuru Kirijo to be doing this not only to exterminate Shadows and help people, but because there is some dark secret she is trying to hide, and they want to make it come to light.

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Later, she is also contacted by Chie, who asks if she's going to make it to their meeting. She will begin to curse her grandfather for scheming the entire event and sit on the bench with the protagonist. Sometimes a character can be found wandering around town, instead of at their usual spots.

Naoto Shirogane
Persona 4 golden dating naoto

As she breaks the door open, she finds Labrys after she has defeated Teddie with General Teddie in the room. Naoto decides to follow in order to keep on investigating, and to make sure everything is alright in that world. She wears a swimsuit to help Rise and during the investigation even briefly dons a female sailor uniform to help obscure her identity.

Is Naoto basically game-breaking

  1. However, she is willing to date the protagonist if he advances her Social Link.
  2. Her having access to elemental skills is a new thing.
  3. You don't need to go home?
  4. Because there is only a month to do it.
  5. However, Naoto still has difficulty accepting being female in her Social Link.
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Is Naoto basically game-breaking - Persona 4 Golden - Giant Bomb

Don't think i'll use her again till the day I do a very hard run. Naoto attacked by Minazuki. If you see them around town, spending time with them will most likely increase the friendship meter, but it won't increase the rank. Maybe it's a math problem.

Naoto's insecurities are her gender and age. This helps Labrys accept her shadow, and allow it to become her Persona, Ariadne. Goro Akechi is heralded as the second coming of the Detective Prince. Naoto is uninterested in romance, and seems easily flustered, embarrassed or dismissive when the topic arises. Each Link can grow up to ten ranks, and the main party members can be met once more during the newly-added Winter Event.

Shopping District, South in front of Velvet Room. Check the other cards again? Concept of Naoto in arcade mode. After dealing with her Shadow, Naoto decides to give being female another try.

Her role in the animation is similar to that of the game. Incidentally, Naoto was also able to deduce that Kanji would be the next victim, and tries to seek clues by speaking to him. It's easy to realize spending time with other characters will increase a Social Link, but it's actually a bit more complex than that. Original Soundtrack - Sound of the Labyrinth. If you give in and sever your ties to human society, speed dating fleet it will naturally become hard to live in it.

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P4g dating naoto

Afterwards, the protagonist will be given a choice of whether to pursue a relationship with her or remain her friend. In addition, her D moves cloak her Persona and when used again, her Persona appears and attacks from that spot and can even attack behind her opponent. Naoto is best described as a morphing character who is mostly played at medium-to-long range, but can shift to close range combat. She rarely jokes around which can make her seem like a killjoy or party pooper when the team is involved in silly antics. This Question only will appear if you pick the first choice of the previous question.

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Naoto Shirogane

Annoyed by her words, Rise Kujikawa tells Naoto that she is the one who was treating the case like a game. Naoto embarrassed when wearing girl clothes with Rise and Nanako. The Man brandished a Knife. This overall, along with Naoto having some meter to spare, gives her some of the highest damage potentials in the game.

See each party member's page, or the Arcana's page, for specifics. Fueled by Naoto's rejection and internal suffering, her Shadow transforms and attacks the party. Naoto appears on the -Roundabout- volume cover.

Having recognized the change in her psyche and resolution, Naoto's Persona, Sukuna-Hikona, transfigures into Yamato-Takeru. Naoto receives her Persona. Having a Persona of the same Arcana will double those points as well, which is why you should always carry a Persona of the same Arcana when building a relationship quickly. From what I've seen, Golden offers the ability for it to be easier, and that's probably the problem you're having here. She has no elemental weakness, and starts with Megidolaon which I understand is much more affordable in Golden.

Naoto Shirogane

The major one being the fact that you can be ambushed by the enemy even if you hit them first, which can really screw you over on hard. The random encounters are never very hard, no matter which party you have. When a party member's Social Link increases a rank, rock of love dating they will gain new skills and abilities in battle. Talk to him and pick the first choice.

Again, I know this game generally isn't that hard, but I'm getting a bit sick of fights because they're just so easy. She only started with Megidoloan because you were overleveled the fuck out by time you got her. This Question only will appear if you pick the first choice. Maybe you could just not take advantage of that? While she does still dress and speak as a boy in this novel, best dating sites for divorced she does not take extreme measures to hide her gender.

  • Naoto team up with Labrys.
  • List of Social Link Skills.
  • She is comfortable with not only who she is, but also that everyone else is aware that she is female.
  • She also manages to win a beauty pageant despite not appearing for the swimsuit part.
  • On the other hand, hard mode adds some things that feel more like artificial difficulty that I don't particularly like.

Soon, Yu and the others begin to show up, and are surprised to see Naoto, and Mitsuru's group. She wears her tie different like seifuku-style fashion. You can find these correct answers on each Arcana's page. Other Things to Do and Know. Eventually she runs into Mitsuru and is able to defeat her.

Unique to Naoto, her opponent is given a special Fate meter which she can deplete using several attacks. Okay, that is pretty broken. Kamoshidaman - Junessic Land - A. Naoto is told by Mitsuru that she shouldn't get involved any further, and is asked to leave the case.

She hates being looked down upon, and fears no one will take her seriously as a female, in a sexist occupation field. The old Naoto seems to make more sense, since she had obvious downsides. Naoto is the shortest member of the Investigation Team.

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She can also now perform Double Fangs in the air, allowing her to finish her air combos with better follow up scenarios. Some of her moves such as her jumping B and C can be used for long ranged pokes. Concept artwork of Naoto's expressions battle. While she is still suspicious of Mitsuru, she gets a better understanding of who she is, applications of radiocarbon dating and learns to trust her completely.

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