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Even though I'm from the South, I've never been enamored watching grown men chase each other around in circles. What was Walt saying about Lyle and Mattie? As Lyle spends time in the hospital, Mattie gives Santana a piece of her mind. He might be a redneck but he knows his way around funnels dammit and has introduced us to the green machine Mattie aka Hurricane Martha. Daddy like usual is the first to arrive, followed soon by Murray and the best Man- hug on television shows up.

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Finally, she does something to justify her casting. If it's the former, then why did she confess? Perhaps they were only allowed to go early by the proprietors?

Sad for Murray, that shit is hard. Share this post Link to post. Please sit back and enjoy the ride as we take a trip through movies, tv, and music. Wonder what the dynamic of these shows, like this one and Real World and The Challenge would be if some cast members brought their real boyfriends and girlfriends and others were single. Mattie aka Hurricane Martha.

But Mattie hanging up on Santana twenty times was even better. Still, that was a pretty darn good time! But I do know this - she's not too bright to talk to him and tell him how all the guys were buying her drinks when she went out.

1. She s Replacing Taylor Wright AKA Lil Bit

  • Just me, or does Walt look good this year?
  • Instead, I will say welcome to the exciting world of entertainment brought to you by the amazingly talented and highly intelligent Sgt.
  • Walt is a self-proclaimed redneck from Frankfort, Kentucky and proud of it.
  • Yet and still, did anyone else read into that tirade that she was betraying repressed feelings for Walt?
  • Now, it seems producers may be threatening to replace the cast if they fail to comply.

Tiff really needs to stop putting her nose into other peoples business. Use wi-fi in a coffee shop? Whether or not Bubba is used Tiffany's silliness doesn't negate whether or not he should be pissed off or annoyed with her. Boris's new bed on the taxpayer! Everyone is just tuned out this season, internet w5 I think the producers told them it was the last one before filming began.

Lyle is a year-old from Lafayette, Louisiana. No one was pacing the floor clutching their pearls. Tiff needs to focus on her own shit.

Anyone that hears that the person they are with is calling everyone within earshot to complain about where your exes dick in entering would be annoyed. To be fair to Lyle, speed dating Santana admitted to cheating when he was on his way home. Murray wraps up his personal business in Mississippi and returns to the house to learn that the girls are still all up in Lyle and Santana's relationship. View all posts by Sgt Josh. Doesn't matter if shes more annoyed by the girl.

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Party Down South Recap It s A Puke and Pee Party

He is willing, as in he's saying that now on social media or something or he was willing, until this last episode when he found out she was hanging out with one of her exes? They leave their real families and friends back home so they can get paid to get drunk on tv. Definitely programme that peaks my interest, i think! Didja notice how empty the bar was, yet again? Last season, the Pineville, Louisiana native got out of her mother's house and into some drama during her summer at Murrells Inlet.

Haha, good call duckman, get sir Ian to watch this now that the Beale murder is solved. Is this the last season of this show? It's been a long time since I saw an ep that actually had the feel of the first season. Previous post Anything Anime Intro. Who wants to take bets on how long before Martha shows up?

When Lyle and Santana talked on the phone, he said she had agreed to not go to Cowboys while he was away. Or be cheated on while on the shows. That's why I think he changed his mind about believing her.

Did anyone miss Lauren and Tiffany when that whole pool scene and the prank on Daddy were ongoing? Now of course we have the usual bed test, girls want a room together and Daddy just wants a bed thats quiet. So, christian dating website not a huge Nascar fan. Given the nickname of Baboso last season before a trip to Cancun where the rest of the cast managed to convince him it was Spanish for Boudreaux. It truly was not that big of a deal.

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Walt badly needs guitar lessons. They may not have been paid like Jersey Shore, especially Snookie who also got a spinoff. Not as exotic-sounding as Sasha Fierce, but we'll go with it.

The Party Down South Cast Has Something In Common With The Bachelorette

It's one thing to tell him what you know, it's another to completely insert yourself into the drama. If they were really going on vacations, why not take relatives and boyfriends and girlfriends along? Surely, how to start dating your they took more pratfalls than the ones we saw.

Raven Crow The Crow

Not to minimize what Maddie's sister went through, but to inject some actual real world experience? There should have been more Segway action! This is a show that I heard of, probably from yourself mentioning it. We also get to see him acting with some real wits and guile. The year-old from Rockingham, North Carolina is religious, but not to the point where she feels she can't strut her stuff, even competing in a bikini contest last season.

Lyle later apologized for his actions. It truly is sad seeing Maddie throwing herself at boys. In fact, I think he had major doubts anyway and hearing her not care about their agreement made him realize she's lying or acting super shady at the very least. He could use the Don's help.

Recap Party Down South Gettin On and Goin Off
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  1. Daddy and Tiffany attempt to drunk call Lil bit this should be good.
  2. Taiwanese flag goes missing from Maverick's jacket in new Top Gun movie that has Chinese co-producers Second time lucky?
  3. Well, there's at least got to be more to the cast than meets the bottle, right?
  4. Walt, and the edit monkeys, are insinuating that Maddie and Lyle become a thing.
Party down south MFX Podcast

While I genuinely appreciate the effort, the girls would have seen the fishing line in that daylight. And if she was gravely ill, wouldn't he have stayed at home instead of returning to the show? Also for some reason Lauren has an obsession with the fact that she showed up in heels. It was nice to see Murray getting real about his Mama. She's probably not pushing herself on random guys all the time and getting rejected all the time.

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This season promises to be full of plenty of fights, drunken partying, and plenty of wonderful insight in to modern society. The original octet of party people will be back to fight, strip, hook-up, and do whatever else it is that the Athenians do as they become the problem of Athens, Georgia this season. This year-old from Gheens, Louisiana is always down to party hardy. It would be nice to see these fools actually working at the produce stand - especially at the end of a hot and humid South Georgia day on the clay.

Walt and tiffany party down south hook up

Party Down South MFX Podcast

Lauren did nothing justify her place because once again its just someone starved for attention and no one takes her seriously. But why is Tiff always the one outing this shit? Maddie puts way too much stock in what randoms think about her, especially men. His attitude was totally different from the jump of this latest ep. Mattie loves being the center of attention, which is not an easy task in this crew, and where she goes, drama always follows.

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At least that's the case with the male cast members finding many receptive females. Glad to see them working themselves to the bone at the produce stand again. And she's the reserved one of the bunch. If he is gonna get all butt hurt, he is a straight fool. That's pretty much slam dunk proof of the lies.

Mattie Lynn (@mattielynnbreaux) Instagram photos and videos

Boudreaux shows up with all the girls, the only time you will see him with that many girls rolling with him. And it's not like she hasn't successfully pulled at the bars before. Have we really given them a chance to show us they're more than just their wild antics? Tiffany's ferocity has to be well known to her love sponge, Bubba. But after hearing the latest, he realized he's just done at least for now.

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