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Back in Pulivendula, a statue of Chenna Kesava Reddy is shown. Sagar is having a mother and sister, who sacrificed their comforts to make Sagar become a graduate.

In the interval, a mysterious woman reveals that the forest ranger's name is not Sagar and he is an imposter. He irritates Dhanujay Reddy and as a result that police officer is demoted and posted as a jailer in Tihar Central Jail. Michael - shot by Samba - is rescued by Arjun. Sommu penchaku baabaayO - S.

They have two daughters Shobha and Neeru. He proposes to her and comes out to the streets and roams around the gullies to get her love. Aswamedham - Bala Krishna. Nemali Anjala Zhaveri is a tribal woman. Mangammagari Manavadu after started acting full time For Bala Krishna.

The entire first half of the film revolves around how Nemali and Shilpa try to impress upon Sagar. Susheela Rallallo Isakallo - S. Assistant director Battula Ramakrishna? The rest of the story revolves around how he arranges the marriage of the sister before fighting in a routine climax. What is his relationship with the playful cop in Mumbai?

Pandurangadu (2008)

The rest of the story is all about how Giri raises to the occasion to save lives of hundreds of people and earn much-deserved respect and love from his father. Prabhu arranges the money. He escapes from the police and enters the forest where he sees Sagar brutally injured in a car accident.

The massive student movement led by Michael puts the state minister into a tight spot. In search of his lover, Abhiram takes a journey on his motorcycle. Even her husband Janaki Ramaiha Fears Her. Sagar asks Prabhu to take care of his mother and sister. Balasubramaniam, Kavitha Subramaniyam.

He appears only once in the film, and he didn't even dub his voice for the role! There by he gets fixed in the case and gets a life imprisonment. Why is his statue erected in Pulivendula? He gets selected as a forest ranger.

The rest of the film is about how all ends well. Susheela Entha Nerchina - S. Vachinda Megham - Adnan Sami, Sujatha. Prabhu and Sagar become very close. Rahman, Sunitha Sarathy, skyscape medical resources Tanvi.

Telusaa, neeku telusaa - S. Balasubramaniam, Chitra, Sujatha.

He sees the society through windows of his car and never had glimpse of life beyond his surroundings. Whether Bala succeeds and wins Krishna forms the rest of the story.

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He says that he is surviving to seek revenge on his opponents. She likes him but is not sure of how he honest he is about love and his responsibility towards society. This was the first film for him under Jandhyala's direction.

Chetiki Chippa Rajendra Prasad appears in a small role of a taxi driver in the film. On his birthday party, the differences between them come out in the open and Janaki leaves the town. But in the process, both the girls fall for him. He was in shooting for another film at that spot and Jandhyala requested him to do a small role, for which he agreed.

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At the same time, he keeps in touch with the family of Sagar by pretending as Sagar. He falls in love with a doctor Janaki Kamlinee who is idealistic and serves for the society.

Chakravathy feels that Giri is a liability for his family. During the course of journey, he meets a petty thief Gaali Sreenu Allari Naresh. His name is Prabhu and he is a petty thief.

No, it is not copy of The Motorcycle Dairies but definitely, the director is inspired by it a genuine case of inspiration, not copying. There he finds Chenna Kesava Reddy, who is clueless about why he is kept in jail.