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They are not the same as mentioned in ur blog. Is it possible for you to point me to the location where I could get information about the Lata Mangeshkar version of this song. Sufi music is indeed the highest form of music. His birthday Cheti Chand which falls on the second day of the Chaitra month is auspicious for Sindhis and is celebrated all over the world with traditional pomp and gaiety. Many college bands have attempted this giving a rock flavour.

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Accidentally read this post and loved it. It was a great pleasure and a surprise to see your blog. The concept of Pancha Agni and the vicious circle of punarjanam. Forget your religion, forget your history, forget all you have been taught or learnt.

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It invokes true Sufi spirit of unity through music. This song has lasted this long because of love.

Dama Dam Mast Qalandar, Ali dam dam de andar. If only we all could be like Shahbaaz Qalandar. From what I read, Serwan is under attack from extremists now.

It has been a hot favorite with all singers, notably qawwals and these days the reality show contestants. It is a paragon of religious fusion. If I may get the help with the said lyrics I'll be very thankful.

God is the same for all creatures on this planet and even others. Although all this started with forceful convertions but ended with learning to co-exist togather and respect each other.

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Yes it is your blog and your viewpoint. Nice to find your blog as tje first result thrown up by Google when I searched for the meaning of this song. Popular modern renditions of the song include the melody composed by Pakistani music composer Master Ashiq Hussain. Good work in bringing all the videos together though! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The song is also my all time favorite. Devotional Practices of Pakistan and India. Different time different people keep on adding their own stuff. Sufi music for that matter leaves no differentiation between the lover and the beloved, the beloved here being the God or that one elusive truth you seek. As my Guru says, We are the waves of the same Ocean.

Do not hope for heaven, teen patti gold game hell or rebirth. The collection of all these performances at one place is a real treat.

This has been one of my favorite too. University of Texas Press. Also, a very well done version is Falu Shah's.

Might I suggest that you also add Komal Rizvi's souldful version of this song to your blog? The original song is in Punjabi. For me more than the lyrics the beauty of the song lies in its rhyme. Jhullelal was a god or we can say saint who was revered by hindus and muslims both that is why bulle shah retained his name.

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Some local language dialects name the river sind indus as an ocean. You will thouroughly enjoy all the renderings. Spiritualy speaking, that is the beauty of the song that has made it the most listened, most recreated an, the consummate song.

The probability of it being in today's sind is high since the river starts to deltaise hence river islands. This song has a very deep meaning and as some one mentioned it is meant to convey a message of love of all humanity.

If you hear some of the original records Akhiyan Udeek Diyan for example from Nusrat saab you can recognize a unmistakable alaap by Rahat. However, as mentioned earlier, and admitted by you, it is not your translation, and you should have mentioned that in your blog, or you should mention it now in clear words. You can hear many Punjabi singers, singing in his praise. It is a wonderful place of Sufism at its best. The love in this song is evident if you truely listen, and that is what appeals to one and all, regardless of background.

Every breath of ours having only God's name and hence his eternal love. In fact I am born and brought up in a family of Sufi believers.

That way the lyrics sounds more meaningful. One should always credit the original source.