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To look you best, invest in a good adhesive bra or a strapless demo bra with the dress. Shift Dresses These dresses have an undefined waistline, are less curvy and do not hug the body very closely. All it needs is a contrasting fabric belt that you tie along the waist or your bust. Use an embroidered or an embellished tie to get a completely fabulous outfit.

These are meant to be less curvy, so expect yourself to be boyish once you are in them. Slit Dresses These give a sure shot aura of sexiness. Usually made of lyrca or blended polyester it fits tight at the bust and the hip area.

This dress is universally flattering and gives a curvy look to your overall stature. Tie Detail Dresses You can make any dress of yours into this one.

Skater Dresses These have been modified from skater skirts usually worn by girl who skate. Skater dress is frilly below the waist and accentuates your waistline as it fits there.

It falls relatively lower than the knees and is usually unadorned and plain. Keep it simple and team the dress up with canvas shoes or loafers. The modern world has a version for the girls as well with the trousers substituted by a skirt.

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If you want to look slimmer, choose a dress that ends at the slimmer part of your legs. Cape Dresses Capes are long and fall through your body like hoods.

If you wish to create volume at the upper part of your figure alone, this one is a decoy in your wardrobe. In this dress, the top part usually has an extra flowy fabric or silhouette that actually pops out of the whole outfit, hence the name. When going for such a dress, you can try any bold neck piece to flaunt your collar bone area.

Although the survey wasn't scientific, the results were revealing. Pair a plain sweater dress with a statement belt for perfect chic looks. Pencil Dresses These are narrow and straight like a pencil with a tightly tailored hem falling at or below the knees. Pamper your looks with a statement tulle bracelet matching your dress. Mini Dresses Flaunting your legs is easiest when you step into a gorgeously fit mini dress.

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We would put them in the casual platform as they can be wrinkly and subtle. The study found that men and women who use the app appear to have lower self-esteem than those who don't. It is tight, body hugging bodycon dress that has layers of fabric joined together that run criss-cross over the body. Off Shoulder Dresses If you like giving your skin some show, step into an elegant off-shoulder dress. Layered Dresses Similar to what they sound, layered dresses have sheer fabric layers over the main dress.

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Peplum Dresses If you have some extra inches at the waist, this is a dress you must invest in. The dress is usually short and hems above thighs.

Make sure the frilly hem of the dress fits well with your body type. Anything sporty or adventure filled, put on a shirt dress and there you are.

The absence of a back makes it steaming hot and gets you a whole lot of attention. High-Low Dresses Asymmetrical, the hem of the dress is higher from the back and lower from the front.

The hem length can wary as per the dress. Fringe Detail Dresses Fringes are extra fabric pieces attached to your dress or protruding through it.

But as dating apps gain popularity and profitability, is there a greater cost in convenience over well-being? But is all this easy dating making us happier? Sweater Dresses Perfect for a day out, dating for non-social people sweater dresses are usually made in the same knit fabric as sweaters and are body hugging. These are steamy and exposing. Shirt Dresses Going for a super bowl match with your besties or boyfriend?

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Asymmetric Dresses Any dress that has an asymmetric hemline falls under this name. These cling tight to you and are stretchable with a coarser fabric. Flaunt a slit dress with high heels or stilettos to look tall and beautiful. They fit loose and are great if you want to hide the flabs.

You swipe right and never have it reciprocated. Like a Bandeau, these do not have sleeves or straps and fit at your bust going straight down like a tube.

Go ahead and grab them all. The hem lengths vary-Upper thigh, mid-thigh or knee. Pencil dresses work like mirrors to your body structure. You can also go for a bodysuit to stay comfy and safe. Bandage Dresses Yes, the name is peculiar but the dress is similar to number of bandages woven together.

Originally, capes were worn over an outfit, but now we see them attached to dresses as well. Anyone of you can wear them, the occasion being strictly as per the dress you pick.

Pop over Dresses We have been noticing them in Cannes and what not but never knew about them. The hem of the skirt is usually tight and body-hugging, hence women with broad hips must avoid these. Wear a cool pair of sneakers along with the dress and go out for clubbing or so. The dress clings to your curve so have a careful look at you when you decide to get one.

Backless Dresses A backless dress can be any type but usually has no back or come with a slit closure. Spaghetti Dresses These might be short or long, straight or flowy but have spaghetti straps, hence the name.

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