Heirloom Apple Collection

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One of our favorite apples and a top favorite at the tastings here on the farm. The flesh is sweet, crisp and fruity, juicy, rich in sugars, sprightly aromatic. Solid blush without stripes. The combination of both tart and sweet flavors makes this a wonderful culinary apple for pies, tarts, and sauces as well as a sprightly flavored eating apple. During harvest the crew will often suck on Dolgos for an energy boost to help finish filling that last apple bin late in the day.

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Heirloom Apple Collection
  1. With an intense, zesty flavor similar to cranberries, their best use is in sauces, sorbets, chutney or as a condiment for meat or poultry.
  2. Exceptionally sweet flavor is largely influenced by Gravenstein.
  3. Tropical Beauty This is a medium fruit, flushed and streaked bright orange-red.

Its tart, citrus flavor is exquisitely tempered by a sweet pear flavor. The flesh is crisp, nutty, sweet, perfumed and aromatic, akin to the Blenheim Orange. Fruit medium size, dull finish, often with small cracks, sometimes heavily cracked. This apple goes back to in Yorkshire England. It is also good for cooking and in Normandy it is considered the best apple for making hard cider.

Heirloom Apple Collection

One of our favorite apples here, the last apple we pick in the harvest season. This tends to be a smaller apple, just the right size for lunch boxes. When used in cooking it keeps its shape or forms a stiff puree. Outstanding flavor for eating out of hand.

Makes an excellent single-variety cider. It has white flesh which remains firm, crisp and with a high flavour. Boskoops picked later in the fall are much sweeter and are excellent for fresh use. Elongated and conical, dry and pleasant flavor. Small, golden brown fruit, what is radiometric dating used usually with some black spots.

Macoun not an heirloom A deep red, flatish apple with a sweet, crisp, white breaking flesh. The London Pippin is an old apple dating back to in Essex, England. This is a famous apple from Europe, dating back to the s.

Ida Red This medium to large sized apple has a bright red skin. It has a dense flesh with a honeyed flavor and a touch of citrus. Large clear-green skin, tart flavor, often mistaken for Granny Smith. When cooked, it tends to keep its shape, remains sweet and has a light flavour.

  • When cooked, the slices kept their shape.
  • Good for eating, drying, and pie making.
  • The Hidden Rose Apple is a crunchy apple with a tart taste reminiscent of strawberry lemonade.

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Prices and Salesroom Back to Top. Wonderful fresh cider apple. Fruit is medium in size, cupid dating singapore The skin is greenish yellow with a red flush and striped.

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Murray Gem The fruit is medium size, red in colour and is a good keeper. Appearance similar to that of Delicious, the male parent. Precocious and productive.

Rambour is the name in France given to a group of varieties characterized by large size and a ribbed, flat-sided shape. Very good for cooking, eating and baking. Tree compact, grower-friendly.

Reddish skin, some orange and light russeting. Good for fresh eating and it is a good keeper. This apple is originally from the Netherlands and has a tart, dating live sprightly flavor. Empire not an heirloom A well known all around use apple. Probably has been in America since the early s.

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It is crisp, rich and sweet to taste, somewhat honeyed. The flesh is crisp, rich, fruity and perfumed. It is very firm and a very good keeper. Rich, spicy flavor with heavy aroma.

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Almost uniquely susceptible to apple blotch disease. It is crisp and flavoursome when ripe. Very intense apple flavor. The flavor is slightly tart, with a crisp and aromatic flesh.

This apple is from the Zaber River region in Germany. Yellow, squat, round apple with a red blush. Has a touch of anise and liquorice. Highly esteemed in North America after being propagated by Col. Excellent for fresh eating.

Widely grown throughout the continent and still found in French gardens. Ripens just after McIntosh. Cornish Gilliflower This variety is medium in size with a skin that is somewhat flushed brown-red.

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Not so attractive to look at with its brown flush over yellow russeted skin. Considered as the parent of the Golden Delicious. Court Pendu Plat The fruit is small in size, flushed, russeted but with a special vermillion flush.

Beautiful solid bronze russet. An excellent early cider apple. When cooked it keeps its shape. Lightly acidulous and sugary.

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Honeyed, plenty of acidity, crisp, crackling, juicy flesh. Extremely crunchy, with a creamy flesh that almost splits when bitten, but fresh and juicy. The apple is sweet, juicy and slightly honeyed. Makes a sweet, baked apple. Lamb Abbey Pearmain This is one of the most delightful apples in the world.

Its cream coloured flesh has a mellow yet intense rich flavour sweet-sharp. The later maturing varieties will keep longer after picking and they have distinctive flavours. Considerable scab resisance.

Very large apple, ripening in mid-August in Geneva. Large, yellow, elongated, usually more or less conic, often irregular. It yields a crisp and aromatic fruit, quite squat in shape.

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