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Months later, they arranged a real-world meeting in Destin, Fla.

That was the first adventure together and many followed. By the time they went to Florida to visit her family in February, he was still was searching for the right setting.

It can intervene if it sees worrying trends or serious matters of concern. Boy was she surprised when she turned around!

First of all, your new true love might not even exist. The information you provide will be used by Match. When she returned she walked past him, which gave him just enough time to open the box and hold it up.

For any complaints and enquiries you may contact us here. That was the opportunity he needed! After the New Year, he finally worked up the courage to call her parents but it happened that her mom was in Florida and her father was in Buffalo. Finally, after purchasing a setting and sending it back, then having one custom made at a local jeweler who then set the diamond, it was time to propose. Their second date included a hike to a waterfall in a nearby National Forest.

He finally found just the right diamond but was still having trouble finding a setting. So he had to make two separate calls. But then he discovered chatting by text, and with it, plenty of romantic possibilities. Because of Scott's comprehensive profile Jackie somehow knew that if she did not send him a detailed message about herself he probably would not respond. On their first date, set up through a mutual friend, Jackie Curtiss and Rob Matz met at a cowboy bar in Vancouver.

She noticed that he had a lot of qualities that she was attracted to. Matz dyed his hair silver and Curtiss put on a pair of tight jeans to impress. They downed some drinks, hugged and fell for each other instantly.

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Jackie had walked out of sight to check out a different view for a few minutes. Jackie sent him a very detailed message about herself letting him know that there was more to her than her profile shows and that she, too, was serious about dating someone. While in Florida Scott updated Jackie's parents with the status of the ring hunt to reassure them he had not gotten cold feet and changed his mind. For months Jackie had been wanting to go hiking in Shenandoah National Park so, hostile environment harassment is offensive intimidating conduct which Scott suggested they finally go do that since it was going to be a nice sunny day. Adventures Scott and Jackie have gone on many adventures together.

The calls went smoothly and both said they would be happy for Scott to be their son-in-law. Scott started shopping for a ring, it took a while to find just the right diamond and just the right setting. We were like oil and water. It was like two different relationships, two different sets of people, in the flesh and on the keyboard.

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The hike up Old Rag Mountain was pretty strenuous and involved some rock scrambling, but it was worth the view and the final result. For their next date, Matz wanted to really stun her, so instead of going to a movie, they climbed to the top of a building and went roof jumping.

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Anything you can do to break that down before they act is a good thing. She came across Scott's profile and thought to herself, this guy seems different in a good way.

Curtiss bear-hugged Matz so hard he nearly fell over. Once they finally reached the top they enjoyed the view but Scott had to figure out how to pop the question. Scott had to work the next day and said he could not stay out too late. Jackie had just set-up her profile. She befriended a guy for a year before they finally met in person, and it was a shock.

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Compared to her profile his profile was very comprehensive and detailed. He knelt pretending to tie his shoe as he fished the boxed ring out of his jacket pocket. They ordered dinner and enjoyed learning more about one another.