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At this time, this certification is voluntary. Integrated Management Systems.

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Any process that comes in direct contact with the product that is delivered to a Customer, either first level or second level. Construction and Real Estate. Additionally, protection of the environment and of business continuity maintenance of revenue streams, both for companies and for national economies require a high level of operational integrity. If the hazardous liquids and gases are mistreated or improperly managed, they can inflict catastrophic damage to people and the environment. Not only does it cover your systems and processes, it also shows you care about your personnel and the public.

An activity using resources and manage in order to enable the transformation of inputs into outputs. It is not yet covered by accreditations. Competitive edge - increasingly, organizations within the supply chain will need certification against this standard in order to secure contracts. The process of third party assessment helps you implement effective systems to improve overall performance. Today, this certification is voluntary and not yet covered by accreditations.

ISO/TS wins increasing acceptance by international oil and gas industries

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The oil, gas and petrochemical industry is by nature one of the most exposed to catastrophic risks. Client Portal Auditor Portal. For an organization to function effectively, able roller coaster tycoon 2 it has to identify and manage numerous linked activities.

Which is considered a process. Considerations for the safety of personnel are of major importance. Lesly Alexandra Barrera Ceron. This extension can be carried out at any time or preferably when a follow-up or renewal audit is scheduled.

Governments and Public Organizations. Breakthrough Performance - a Transformation Model.

As an organisation from this sector, most of these requirements are also the requirements of your clients. Utilities energy, fluids, telecom. Visit us at stand and discuss completing your transition to the revised standards. We are committed to acting with integrity and objectivity at all times. Already know what you are looking for?

Industrial and manufacturing facilities. Management Systems training Through our training courses, you will be better equipped to implement and certify your management system.

Call or complete our enquiry form. This is good for business, for the protection it provides the environment, as well as personnel and the general public. Due to the inherent risks associated with the oil and gas industry, rigorous conformity to engineering, user and regulatory requirements are required. Electrical and Electronics.

ISO Requirements

Process Industries and Mining. These webinars have been recorded and archived and may be viewed at your convenience. Risk is inherent in the oil and gas industry.


Through our training courses, you will be better equipped to implement and certify your management system. Adopting this standard represents a limited effort in organization and documentation. Protection of the environment and the public require a high level of operational integrity.

It is an opportunity to recognize the role that everyone in an organization plays in building and maintaining trust with stakeholders. These requirements have been developed separately to ensure that they are clear and auditable. Transport and Infrastructures.