Are Teen Mom 2 s Jenelle And David Eason Still Together

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Barbara worries about David. Javi gets jealous when Briana calls on an ex to take care of her after surgery, Leah and Jeremy reconnect, pro dating advice and Aubree and Cole attend a father-daughter dance. When I try to blame other people for my own stupidity I have the decency to do it in my head. Things get tough for Leah and Corey once she's stuck at home watching the girls full time.

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Does this photo prove Trump tormentor's second marriage was a sham? Leah breaks down when the health of one of her twins is in question. Briana DeJesus from Orlando, 40 plus dating Florida. It doesn't have to be as dramatic as youre implying.

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Randy finds out that Adam is living with Chelsea. Ali becomes aware of muscular dystrophy. She will never work a regular job. Jenelle receives word from her lawyer that a plea bargain could save her from jail.

Kailyn and Jo's renewed friendship is threatened by a huge fight. Jenelle is probably top billing for a lot of people. Jenelle and Kieffer must face court for their breaking and entering charges. Kailyn get emotional when Isaac leaves for summer visitation with Jo. Briana has some surprise visitors after surgery.

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Chelsea's relationship with Adam is going downhill fast. Are James Maslow and halston sage still dating? Briana's mom confronts Luis about the new baby.

Chelsea and Adam's ex, Taylor, fight his custody request. Chelsea and Adam retain lawyers for their custody battle. Chelsea and Cole check out the center where Adam will see Aubree.

Leah and Corey go to mediation over custody of the girls. Jenelle and Nathan reunite. Kailyn plans to visit her family in Texas.

Briana and Luis meet to discuss adoption for their baby. Leah and Corey battle in court over custody of the twins. Not worth replying to troll account. Leah starts taking medication to deal with anxiety. Leah investigates a business opportunity, but Ali struggles with her illness.

Are Teen Mom 2 s Jenelle And David Eason Still Together

  1. Leah and Jeremy have their big wedding on a beach in Myrtle Beach.
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  3. Would you like to view this in our French edition?
  4. Kailyn plans for her wedding.
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Also, Jenelle and David will only get help when they're ready to accept it. In the season finale, an emotional meltdown over Barbara ruins Jenelle's fun day with her sons. Jenelle reaches her boiling point with Barbara.

Teen Mom 2 s Jenelle Evans Dumps Kieffer Delp Goes Back to Gary Head

He was probably one hot piss test away from getting kicked out anyway. Kailyn and Javi try to make amends. Is undertaker still dating Michelle mccool? Kailyn's estranged mom re-enters the picture.

Chelsea and Adam face each other in court. Leah files for divorce in order to protect her custody rights. Despite efforts to get along, Leah and Corey's co-parenting relationship takes a turn for the worse. Leah buys a new home for herself and the girls, dating a girl one that would help Ali use her wheelchair more.

Both Jenelle and Gary who actively tweet about their relationship woes both took to their Twitter accounts to tell all. Like yeah, Gary, you had no control over, ya know, not dating a woman with a history of legal trouble, clever emails online or engaging in a physical fight with her. According to Teen Mum Talks both Jenelle and Gary were bailed out and from the looks of Gary's recent tweets there will not be a wedding any time soon. Chelsea has a difficult time agreeing on a visitation schedule for Aubree.

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Leah works to make the holidays special for the twins. Eason slammed her to the ground and sprained her collarbone. Barbara tries to have Jenelle committed for using drugs. Thank you for subscribing.

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When Jeremy threatens divorce, Leah begins to fall apart emotionally. Chelsea attempts to modify Aubree's custody agreement. The parents of Jace split soon after he was arrested. Jenelle takes a pregnancy test.

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Jenelle cares about Jenelle first. Would you like to view this in our German edition? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Chelsea faces Adam at Aubree's t-ball practice.

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Yes, he is still dating Kelsey Hawkins. Yes, Lindsey and Curtis are still dating. Does Rihanna still dating chrisbrown?

You white mfs are the problem with society. Jenelle starts the process to get divorced from Courtland. Jenelle's small chances of gaining custody of Jace are shown. It went from that to actively abusing me in every way overnight, and eventually trying to kill me. Adam threatens to take Chelsea back to court for custody of Aubree.

Jason is years-old, has a two-year-old son from a previous marriage, and lives near Leah's home. Corey and Miranda's daughter, Remi, is born early and Leah tries to help out. Leah has a difficult time coping with Ali's latest diagnosis. Kailyn is beside herself when Jo goes missing. Kailyn and Javi adjust to life without Isaac.

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Since then, Kailyn and Jo have made amends, as they are getting along for Isaac's sake. Leah and Corey's custody battle escalates. Kailyn and Javi discuss the future about their marriage. Chelsea officially reveals her baby's gender. Through it all, Kailyn was determined to better her situation for her son while she navigated her complicated relationship with Jo and struggled to finally move out on her own.

  • Corey has second thoughts about the divorce causing Leah to question her new relationship.
  • Jenelle and Nathan's relationship continues to spiral downward.
  • Kailyn decides to invite both Jo and his girlfriend Vee to Isaac's birthday celebration.
  • Jenelle's chance of gaining custody of Jace is threatened by her explosive arguments with Nathan.
  • Kailyn and Javi get into a huge fight after he shows up unannounced.

Nathan's behavior causes Jenelle to rethink their engagement. She will not be able to work a regular job. Since then, Kailyn and Chris have had an on-off relationship, yet Kailyn currently is not on terms with Chris. Kailyn gets a Protection from Abuse order against Jo after a fight of theirs turns physical. Kailyn takes Jo to court to change their custody agreement.

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