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The transformer shall be mounted under the pivot line of the tube so that the ends of the transformer receive adequate coverage from the jets. For type X attachments, except with a special cord, the transformer is fitted with a suitable external flexible cable or cord.

Compliance is checked by inspection and by an installation test with conductors of the largest cross-sectional area corresponding to the rated connecting capacity of the terminals. International Electrotechnical Commission. Components incorporated in or supplied with the transformers are subjected to all tests of this standard as part of the transformer. This standard is also available to be included in Standards Subscriptions. The end of a winding connecting the winding to a terminal.

Screws of insulating material shall not be used for any electrical connection. Creepage path follows the contour of the groove. Only one specimen is tested. For material other than ceramics, compliance is checked by the tests of annex G. For transformers with more than one input or output winding, or a tapped input or output winding, the results to be considered are those showing the highest temperature.

The no-load output voltage or the rated output voltage shall not exceed V a. Path under consideration includes an uncemented joint with grooves equal to or more than X mm wide on each side. Operation in a series of specified identical cycles.

Springer-Verlag New York, Inc. In order to achieve the specified conditions within the cabinet, it is necessary to ensure constant circulation of the air and, in general, to use a cabinet which is thermally insulated. The free wire is bent, without tearing the insulation back, in every possible direction, but without making sharp bends round barriers. Arrangements shall ensure electrical separation not less than between the input and the output circuit of a safety isolating transformer, taking the relevant working voltage into account. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

Small pieces may have broken off, provided that the protection against electric shock is not affected. The height shall be measured from the part of the specimen nearest to the test surface when the specimen is suspended prior to letting it fall.

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Where serrated tape is used as insulation, it is assumed that the serration of the different layers will coincide. When determining the temperature of windings, the ambient temperature is measured at such a distance from the specimen so as not to influence the temperature reading. The following drawings are to be used.

Construction Specifications Institute, Inc. Insulating barriers shall not have been damaged, and handles, levers, knobs and the like shall not have moved on their shafts.

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Particular requirements and tests for separating transformers and power supplies incorporating separating transformers for general applications. Diagrams showing examples of the application of test voltages are shown in annex N.


We have no amendments or corrections for this standard. British Standards Institution.

The measurement with the measuring network for the touch-current shall be carried out in accordance with annex J. Transformers used in the other tests are not subjected to this test. In the case where replaceable protective devices other than fuses are used, information about its installation shall be given in an instruction sheet or the like accompanying the transformer. Compliance is checked by inspection, by measurement and, in case of doubt concerning the ageing properties of rubber, by the following test. The maximum temperature at which the transformer may be operated continuously under normal conditions of use.

Creepage distances and clearances within optocouplers are not measured if the individual insulation is adequately sealed, and if air is excluded between individual layers of the material. Protection against indirect contact shall be provided by Insulation corresponding to the minimum test voltage required for the primary circuit. Transformers incorporating electronic circuits are also covered by this standard. CombiWizard Identifies the products compatible with Scame material. In the future, when they are known and recognised, the intention is to make them mandatory.

Portable transformers, wired as in normal use, shall be placed in the most unfavourable position of normal use. Compliance is checked by inspection and, if necessary, by manual test. Creepage distance and clearance are measured directly across the groove as shown above. When the symbols are used, they are intended for information. It shall not be possible to push the cord into the transformer to such an extent that the cord, or internal parts of the transformer, could be damaged.

General catalogue Go to interactive catalogue. In particular, it shall show no deterioration of its enclosure, no reduction of clearances and creepage distances and no loosening of electrical connections with mechanical fixing.

Part in which conduction is achieved principally by electrons moving through a vacuum, gas or semiconductor. Telecommunications Standards. Find Similar Items This product falls into the following categories. If one or more specimens break at any other place, yodha malayalam movie songs the test is not fulfilled. General requirements and tests.

Consequential faults are taken into consideration. The circuit intended to be connected to the supply. Compliance is checked by calculation. No load is connected to the transformer.

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Particular requirements and tests for isolating transformers and power supply units incorporating isolating transformers. The micro-environment might be better or worse than the environment of the equipment. Please, select your language. If possible, the specimen should be a complete transformer.

IEC 61558-2-1

IEC 61558-2-1