Homestuck Dating Sim

Homestuck dating site, god motherfucking damn it hussie

Homestuck dating site

Her first sex scene is less than an hour in. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. Sometime in the near future, I will probably be making a discord server for Homestuck, partly for this game, mostly for the community and so you guys can get my ass in gear. Though that game is not as polished as SugoiStuck, it was the basis for a lot of the mechanics in SugoiStuck. God Motherfucking Damn It, Hussie!

Homestuck dating site
  • Yeah, that was pretty obvious.
  • Rin is the worst, Emi is the best.
  • It was always the most circle-jerking self-referential thing since Homestuck proper.
  • The script is getting an overhaul.
  • Smaller datable character list.

That was too much and put way to much pressure on me. The two train of thought sections were really annoying, too. You should move it to the Trash. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. There should also be some hints if you let yourself fail and play back to the same point.

God Motherfucking Damn It Hussie

This is legitimately good in the stupidest possible way. And you made a brilliant game, so I'll hold off on the criticism of your objectively wrong opinion. And Rin's personality comes from countless years of inhaling paint fumes. My friend who plays Hearthstone said that to me while I was writing the route and I just added it in on a whim. People have life stuff and cant always deliver on commitments.

Homestuck dating site
Homestuck dating site

Thank those of you, before hand, who send in ideas. This game was envisioned as the ultimate try-hard shitpost, and it took several months to develop. Such as, taking on much to much work by myself. Here is a sampling of my writing if you want to check it out. So was all that stuff from something else?

Homestuck dating site

Homestuck Dating Sim

  1. But that doesn't mean it's gonna happen.
  2. Once you have that list, you can eliminate the answers that make no sense.
  3. Maybe I fucked off too early?
  4. Like, there was going to be a human called Jack Everest, but the guy wrote a paragraph for him then disappeared.
  5. Basically, dont ask for a picnic and you should be able to figure the rest out yourself.
  6. Hopefully you will love playing it as much as we loved making it!

Where does burn face come in though? If you could, let me know how you guys feel about this idea of opening up a discord channel. There's supposed to be a thing between Sigma and Diana.

Script is getting an overhaul. Holy Shit, this was like, legitimately really good. What is Cool and New Web Comic? Most clever moment in the game with that name reveal. Thank you so much and I hope that I will be hearing from people soon!

List of the best Homestuck albums. It's not as Homestuck related but I'm still super proud of it. Homestuck official youtube channel.

There was one problem though. Please keep spoilers out of the title when you post. So here is what is going to change.

Make sure to quicksave and try the name of any character that could work. That's why I never finished it. Basically made an account so i could tell you how much I love this game. This truly is the ultimate shitpost.

Don't read before playing obviously. In the meantime, play the prequel. So I'm having trouble running it on mac.

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Homestuck dating site

SugoiStuck The /r/homestuck Dating Sim RELEASE homestuck

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Ok, say theoretically I'm a total noob and when I open the. So if you guys could help me out by donating or even just reblogging this post, that would help me a lot. When and if we hold auditions again, there will be a formal post about it. As long as he stays away from Phi I'm good and, according to Uchi, speed dating largo Sigma and Phi will not get into a relationship.

Play By Heart

Like, I'm not doubting that the gender was changed at some point in development, I just meant the game itself doesn't reflect it. See our community guidelines for details. However, sites the failure sound effect comes straight outta Danganronpa.

That would be much appreciated and I will honestly love you forever. It was occasionally cringy. No one idea is going to win and no idea is a bad one, so seriously, flood the askbox with them. Project is getting rebooted. There are several asks in my ask box about auditions.

For the Programmers Send an email to homestuckdatingsim gmail. But whose bright idea was it to reset the whole damn thing when you mess up? You and your team have made something very enjoyable. Comic dialogue organized and separated by character. Right now, since the script is getting an overhaul and I had a cast, I need time to get everything sorted again.

As I mentioned before, I need to take a step back and only work on two things, that being the script and writing it, and managing the cast and crew. Writing commissions of course. No, I was able to work through them before I posted. That was demon level evil.

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