Beyonce s surprise album What s the verdict

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And i believe that someone from her camp made a statement confirming her pregnancy whether she actually is or not just to take the attention from kelly. Im not looking forward to this album in September. Detailed Site Map of Links. It just gives them what they want its time for her to evolve from this teeny bopper shit.

Last week when kelly dropped dirty laundry on the net bey had to rain on the parade with her fake pregnancy confirmation. Fans promptly lost it and the Internet was on the verge of exploding. This needs to stop before her cd ends up like Ms. Automatically when you hear it the first thing comes to mind is irreplaceable. If it bothers so much in a world where there is freedom of speech, dating silver then why not creat your own blog with your own topics and opinions.

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You gotta come hard this go-round. Reflections A Retrospective. This is an excellent track. Sounds similar to irreplaceable, but is a sure fire hit.

Kelly needs to do something or get out of the game. As far as I'm concerned, who is amanda she is overexposed. Does she have a sister that has been successful in the music business?

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Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. The singer is affectionately referred to as Queen Bey, not in the least because of her heralded work ethic, which is often put to good use on stage. She denied that she was pregnant. Kelly is not doing anything major for me. The speculation grew stronger after she had to cancel a concert due to exhaustion and dehydration.

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She's above this crap just make some good music. They dont sound alike neither do they have the same title. After Jay Z's infamous scuffle with Beyonce's sister, cassidy michael the power couple faced numerous rumors that their relationship was on the rocks.

No one's stopping her but everybody has something to say about everything she does! She's done some great things in the past, but no one stays on top for ever. The Grammy winner has proven to be one of the most popular additions to the hit show and has shone consistently in her role as a coach.

  • Beyonce through the years.
  • Yes shes giving vocals on this.
  • In April, the magazine called Bey one of the most influential people in the world.
  • Her dance fans may not like it but her urban fans love it so everybody will be satisfied.

The singer proved that on Friday when she released a surprise album with no fanfare. You Beyonce stans are the pathetic ones. The day Kelly announces she will be a judge on X-factor, we hear new music?

  1. Her fans have been begging for new music and she's been working on this album since the fall of and she drops this song today?
  2. Kennedy of the Los Angeles Times, Beyonce, her producers and writers began work on the project last summer while they were all together in the Hamptons.
  3. Dakkylove I totally agree!
  4. Kelly said in an interview that it was her goal to bust the U.
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This isn't grown woman stuff. She is grown and she will continue to do what she pleases. This is insecure woman behavior, not that of a grown woman. Not only that, dirty laundry hits itunes and digital outlets tomorrow, hence, grown woman in full to overshadow whatever kelly is doing. The track self-titled album was released exclusively on iTunes at midnight and had to be purchased in its totality.

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You are just talking trash. Why would she not want anyone else to shine? And they're all connected to the music.

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Why should she give it a rest? Time magazine has praised Beyonce as an industry tastemaker. Cute song, nice flow, nice beat. Its simply amazing and refreshing! Whitney, mariah, britney, usher, michael, your turn is coming king b.

Notify me of new posts by email. Who shines brighter than Bey? Her voice is sooo underrated. First no one is stopping you and second no one cares!

Kelly is coming hard this era. Why don't you take some pointers from your sister. Feast your ears on the dance-heavy track, complete with a Latin featurette below. How much publicity was she going to get with that anyway? The bold and innovative move was hailed by critics and fans.

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Also, she should even release the original version of Commander over here in the States! Release this immediately Kelly. Give someone else a chance.

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Just on-going radio requests across the country. Even fellow celebs seemed to have been left breathless. Also, Everybody falls off at some point. Her vocals are so clear, smooth, and strong.


Beyonce Grown Woman ITunes

Original Sugababes Reunite In Studio. View the discussion thread. Is Commander going to be the only uptempo dance poppy song, cause I thought that was the direction this album was headed in? Here we go another hot ass flop. Shes the one who needs to step her game up with these whack as songs.

Beyonce s surprise album What s the verdict

But this here with be a surefire summer hit. The simplicity allows the melody to stand on its own. Independent Thinker I totally agree with everything you said.

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