Gorgeous Hunting Game

This is a one-of-a-kind property that is situated in two counties, has ponds, creeks, building sites, trail system, food plots, and so much more. Forgot to harvest it or some crap so I didnt get credit. You have to hunt and survive in an imaginary and hostile environment. You need to Extract the Zipped Folder.

The natural flow of game in this area is a tremendous bonus to this ranch. The tank in the middle of the property is perfect for ducks. Is it possible to make the controls customizable.

Great ranch with two ponds, good tree cover, two hay barns, fenced and cross fenced and has a recently replaced water pump and filtration system. It is a multi-leveled home, providing more than enough space for the entire family. But on behalf of the developers whom I do not know I will apologize for offended you by creating this abomination. Any avid hunter will look and understand that this property is well suited for whitetails and other game alike! Stunning game, breath taking and very original!

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Decent enough game, it has fairly cool mechanics which we don't see in many games today. Thank you so much for making and sharing this video! This could be continued, enhanced, or stopped at the new owner's discretion. Please add keyboard controls, and fix the crash bug please! Currently, movie soundtracks online the property is also being utilized as a small business providing a nice supplemental income to the owners.

If you would like to run cattle, the fencing is new and tight. The graphics look absolutely wonderful and the game itself runs really smooth!

Gorgeous Hunting Ranch In North Central Texas - Newcatle

Located between Newcastle and Throckmorton is this pristine hunting ranch. Game won't fit on my screen and lags severely. By anychance you could send me the console commands for this game.

You cant move without it which is silly. Also I tried to make a video to help the crashing, not sure if this even works, but thought I'd help you guys. Although proven quite difficult with the current keybindings. Incredible natural wood features can be found throughout the home, anchoring it to the beautiful private property it is sitting on.

Gorgeous Custom Built Home & Exceptional Hunting Timber Tract

Im such a sissy I guess I'll go back to finger painting pictures of rainbows. This year there has also been several Sandhill Cranes on the property.

The property itself is gorgeous. Not everyone lives in the woods and can walk outside to go deer hunting.

When I launched the game, l only saw the half of the game the left side so can someone help please. As you continue down the road, you will find the guest cabin that is a great extension of the home, and can be used to house your extended family or rented out for additional income! Too bad for the occasional crashes. If so, that would be great! Any help is greatly appreciated!


Game abounds on the property. This property really does have it all, with so much to offer, it is one you need to see for yourself. It'll enable you to play the game in the same folder, practically virtually copied. The game definitely is awesome. This tract is hunter friendly, has open areas for food plots and an excellent sanctuary habitat.

Just wondering if anyone else has done this. Why play gran turismo when you could buy a ferrari and race it in europe? An excellent livestock property with pastures, pecan and oak trees, a nice pond, barns and good fencing on the property. Separate names with a comma. On that I'll stake my very own life due to experience!

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Gorgeous Custom Built Home & Exceptional Hunting Timber Tract

Maybe gonna try to watch how to stop game from crashing and play again! Check out this let's play video! This is a great game, I just wish the game didn't crash.

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It's a shame this isn't going to be developed further. There are also times when you feel very fortunate. Established food plots are in place, only adding to the value of the wooded acreage on this property.

Feral is very impressive game, I really love it. Sounds really cool actually, but not my thing.

Status Prototype Platforms Windows Rating. Hope you liked my let's play videos. The demo may crash after a few minutes, due to a bug which haven't been fixed in this version. Does anyone know if this game is going to be finished?