The Silent Man (song)

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Languages Italiano Shqip Suomi Edit links. The song is a live staple of the band. Featuring Lizzy Hale on vocals. Falling Into Infinity Limited Ed.

Appears on the Score live album. Charlie Dominici and John Petrucci. Caught In A New Millenium.


  1. He had become more interested in writing and recording his own material.
  2. Notably, although this is the first song released on a studio album with lyrics fully written by Portnoy, he had previously written part of the lyrics for Take the Time on Images and Words.
  3. Learning To Live Available at Amazon.
  4. Another Day Live Available at Amazon.
  5. Finally Free - scene nine.

The album was to be unveiled in a live setting for the first time. Siberian Khatru Available at Amazon. Falling into Infinity Demos. Only played live during the Waking Up the World Tour and never officially released. The band held a minute's silence at every show in Japan in memory of those who had died.

Never officially released. Credits Available at Amazon. The lack of a leader within the band increased tensions in what were already tense sessions. When Images and Words Unite Live.

Detailed Site Map of Links. We weren't in a position for me to take a six-month break so I had to keep touring. When Duane and John went in, personal storm they knew everything that needed to be there and how we wanted it to be represented. Part two of the Twelve-step Suite.

Reviewers praised the album's production, noting the album is darker and heavier than previous Dream Theater releases. With Moore no longer a member of Dream Theater, the band needed to find a replacement keyboardist for the forthcoming world tour in support of Awake. When Dream and Day Unite Demos. Redirected from Lie Dream Theater single.

Space-Dye Vest Available at Amazon. Recorded during the Awake sessions but cut from the final album. This song was written while Chris Collins was in the band and originally featured his lyrics and a different vocal melody, although the song title was the same.

Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence. Studio Albums Click any album title to go to the corresponding lyrics page. Part one of the Twelve-step Suite. Separate versions featuring the vocals of John Hendricks and Steve Stone with the same backing track were released on the Images and Words Demos official bootleg. Last song to be recorded with Mike Portnoy.

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A Mind Beside Itself
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Appears as a B-side on The Silent Man single. The fighting never came to blows, but there was a lot of bickering over every single element, like the fine details of what the third note on the sixty-fourth bar should be. Released as a promo single. We feel that we have to play certain roles when around one of our parents, and we never really get to know the real person.

The original version was never officially released. Turn it on Again Available at Amazon. The label wanted the band to produce a more metal -oriented album, hoping it would be easier to market. Live Scenes from New York. The band held another round of auditions and were impressed with Derek Sherinian.

In the Name of God Available at Amazon. And when he was there, the guys told me he'd be sitting reading a magazine when they were trying to work out riffs. Played as an encore song for most of the shows of the Chaos in Motion tour. At the same time, best he had received an offer to perform with the Dixie Dregs for shorter runs of shows and had a job with Kurzweil.

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Part three of the Twelve-step Suite. This excerpt is taken from forty-eight seconds onwards. John Petrucci and Mike Portnoy. Moore stated that he decided to leave because his approach to writing music had changed.

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In the Presence of Enemies, Pt. There was a feeling of it not being the same way it had been, best dating sites and the realization that things were not always going to remain the same. Part five of the Twelve-step Suite.

Played during the World Tourbulence and Train of Thought tours. The producers were totally into capturing that and being patient with us. We can joke around and go for a beer.

Can't we take that groove and build a song? On the day of the shoot, Portnoy became violently ill, and when not needed to perform rested in his tour bus bunk. Part four of the Twelve-step Suite. That's when I started to feel my range and strength coming back.


Recording Industry Association of Japan. Metropolis Available at Amazon. Razor's Edge Available at Amazon.

Dream Theater Songs List
Dream Theater - The Silent Man Single

Pull Me Under Available at Amazon. Instrumedley Multiangle Bonus. John Myung and John Petrucci. Lyrics were never written and this version of the song was abandoned once they decided to expand it into a full album, which became Metropolis Pt.

In The Presence of Enemies Pt. Original epic sequel to Metropolis pt. James LaBrie and John Petrucci. The band's record label considered the album a commercial failure, which would lead to the band being pressured to write more radio-friendly songs on their subsequent studio album.

The Wasteland Available at Amazon. Awake received acclaim from music critics. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Played during the Scenes from a Memory and Metropolis tours.

Dream theater silent man single

  • So everybody walked away being completely satisfied with their performances and their sounds.
  • This is a complete list of songs by American progressive metal band Dream Theater.
  • Released on the Images and Words Demos official bootleg.

The Silent Man (song)

List of songs recorded by Dream Theater

Dream Theater Discography

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