Takamine serial numbers (Guitarsite)

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What code is in the image? So how do does this new arrival shape up? With most major guitar manufacturers now using Chinese facilities in order to remain competitive, Takamine has sensibly followed suit.

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The desired tone is then dialed in by using the sliders to add or subtract frequency response as desired. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Other features include volume control and onboard tuner.

Towards the end of models distributed overseas started to use the same serial number system as those that are distributed in Japan. This site is published by Hitsquad Pty Ltd. Otherwise, you should be able to decipher the year, month and the sequence in that month that your guitar was built. It was a return that had been marked down.

  1. Any idea when it was made?
  2. With the G series you basically have to guess the year, as to where it was made.
  3. The Cool-Tube features an onboard tuner and an auxiliary input jack and volume knob, which can control an additional add-on pickup of your choice.

Can anyone tell me what the serial number reveals about the guitar. The Tri-Ax is also an excellent stand-alone pickup that can be installed in any acoustic guitar for a level of realism and fidelity that was previously unattainable. When you guitar was built. Any info on this guitar is greatly appreciated. There are a couple of different serial number systems depending on which model and depending on where they were made and distributed.

Takamine G series

Takamine serial numbers (Guitarsite)

G-Series Guitars By Series

Takamine EGSC-NS

This example's finely finished fingerboard and frets prove as smooth as they look, and although the fret ends aren't obsessively manicured there are no snags. Through the pickup system we are slightly compromised by a quiet bottom E string, but it's a decent, full-sounding piezo transducer that does capture the breadth and flavour of the acoustic tone. Overview Inside, it's clean and generally shipshape with just the odd patch of hasty woodwork.

Production of high-end models will continue in Japan, but G Series acoustics will now be built in China as well as Korea and Taiwan. Typically, the bridge is left slightly rougher than the fingerboard, but is otherwise tidy. Any models that were distributed in Japan, as opposed to internationally, used a slightly different serial number system.

Dating your Guitar

Pros Good solid acoustic tone. There is no mention of this particular model on Takamines website. Pictures would help but that serial number may be from a refurbished guitar. The control can add punch or reduce unwanted mid frequencies. The fingerboard and frets may not be up to Taylor standards of evenness, but you can still appreciate a fair bit of precision for the price.

For Cool Tube Models additional information is here. My understanding from its serial number it was made October of and the th made that month. Any help would be appreciated!

Your email address will not be published. This article will look at what your Takamine serial number can tell you about your guitar and how to decode that number. The label says Japan, but does that serial number tell me anything? Did you ever find out any information on it? Any help would be appreciated.

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The all-over satin finish looks very even despite the odd pimply patch. Takimine Jumbo egsc is the model. This bodes well for future adjustments and is beneficial to tone. It's been well taken care of. Inside, it's clean and generally shipshape with just the odd patch of hasty woodwork.

The difference is the first two digits for the year. Our Verdict The price is pitched at a spot-on level for what you're getting. How can I find out the model and value?

Decoding Takamine Serial Numbers

Dating a G series instrument, however, is not so simple and there is no hard and fast rule. Takamine Line Driver Preamp. The tag on inside of the sound hoLe says takamine made in japan. If you have a G Series guitar, you might want to contact Takamine to see what they can tell you about the guitar.

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The first two numbers indicate that it was made in and the second two numbers indicate the month of March. Takamine serial numbers are typically found on the neck block where the neck joins the body on the inside of the body of the guitar. So, the main thing this serial number will tell you is finding out the month and year of build.

This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. However, the saddle does lean forward in its slightly baggy slot. The volume slider adjusts the output volume of the preamp. There is no discernable system for G Series models.

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Thinking it about years old. Generic tuners feel solid enough, dating agemates but the gears are a bit sticky. Is there any way to identify the guitar from the serial number?

Dating Your Takamine

Click here to view the original discussion. This clarity will offer the listener better intelligibility. Thank you in advance, not sure if you can help Regards Gary.

  • Thankfully this is fairly straight forward when it comes to Takamine, though there are, as usual, a few extras.
  • Sensibly, the saddle is compensated, so intonation is pretty tuneful high up, and it's both easy and comfortable to play in the cutaway region.
  • So not sure what year it is.
  • Additional Pictures can be downloaded in the Zip File below.
  • It's applied after the neck is joined, but it's a fairly thin coating and doesn't pool in the crevices.

The Tri-Ax features both passive and active operation and a volume control in active mode. However, it is very sensitive to any kind of percussive string plucking. Cons Pickup system is very sensitive to percussive plucking. The serial number is so obviously a May built guitar and the th instrument that month.

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