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Maura and Connor rushed to see what was happening. However, I knew by the end of the day it would be much bigger. They knew everyone on the pier and they had wrestled with the sting ray earlier. Attend a free sporting event. If you have a laptop computer bring it along.

Find a local fishing hole and cook what you catch. Hold hands and be inspired by art, history or science. Most coffee shops have internet available so you can surf the net or watch YouTube together. Folks were saying it was pounds! Most tours are free and there is often a free or nearly free tasting involved.

You can even go splash in a fountain somewhere! It wasn't a sting ray or even a flounder. The bonus is that you get to hold hands and talk. If you're wearing one of these, you must be a great fisherman. Research a few recipes to use what you pick together.

Perfect for a rainy afternoon. Take turns making up stories about the people you see. Which person is an international spy? The fish were biting all day and even though most of the fish we caught were either too small or inedible, it was still a great time.

We grabbed the fishing knife and cut the tangle out with one swift swing of the blade. For the price of a beer you can get snacks to nibble on and live music to enjoy. Brush up on your constellations and look up at the night sky.

You can also go to a local observatory for an up close and personal look at the stars. If you live anywhere near the mountains go up to the snow line and make a snow man, go sledding or have a snow ball fight. Maura, Connor, and I ventured out onto the pier and into the hot sun. It was the talk of the pier.

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Our last fishing adventure was probably the best fishing I've ever experienced which is limited, by the way. We didn't need to say anything after that, all three of us knew it was time to go mainly because of my melt down.

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Just keep it funny and positive. Stop anywhere that catches your fancy. Next, head to a car lot and test drive your dream car.

And that's when the heat got to me and I lost it. Maura and I were unlucky for the longest time. We definitely were spoiled. We baited our lines with some artificial bait that Dad had stocked his tackle box with, tossed out our lines and waited.

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Explore local parks and trails. Listen to baroque music or a poetry reading. Use your camera to record your day. Find a cheap movie theater.

The weather was perfect beach weather, cougar dating sites no credit card which is not the same as perfect pier fishing weather. Who is a famous actor in disguise?

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