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Dating old tools, introduction


As they were a casting company they would probably of made there own cast wrenches as well as contracting to manufacture wrenches and other castings for other companies. Sears Watch Company in Minneapolis. From its modest beginning as a merchandiser of watches, the company grew to become the largest mail-order company in the United States, and eventually became the largest retail company. These items were not identified as the Mossberg brand in the text, made in shoreditch but the illustrations for the sockets clearly show the M-Diamond logo. Found on older forged wrenches before the standard want into effect see note above.

Although these Duro-Bilt sets are now seldom found, we have acquired two examples of the sets and can confirm that Duro Metal Products was the manufacturer. The catalog page with the Aristocrat socket sets also included other socket-related tools. Found on several cast farm wrenches. Their main line was agricultural knives, etc.

One of the goals of the Craftsman articles is to identify the manufacturers responsible for the various lines of Craftsman tools, and for the associated brands such as Dunlap as well. Thank you for taking the time to put this together. We were fortunate to acquire an example of this set, as presented in the next figure. The Sears catalogs offered socket sets by Chicago Manufacturing from or earlier until at least the mid s.

Dating vintage Starrett tools

Catalog shows a full line of general mechanic's and special automotive tools. Manufacturer of door closers, etc. Craftsman C Open-End Wrench. Case Studies for Manufacturer's Codes In this section we plan to include discussions of how certain manufacturer's codes were successfully attributed to a particular maker. Hand drills came in many different shapes, styles and varieties.

Don't know if this was a casting company, store brand or what. Simmons with double headed arrow logo. This set is easily identifiable as a Bay State No.

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  1. These codes have served as a source of heated debate and endless speculation, as people interested in Craftsman tool history attempt to determine which company made a particular tool.
  2. In the pre-Craftsman days, Fulton appeared to be the most popular brand offered by the Sears for tools such as saws, axes, planes, chisels, hammers, pliers, and many other items.
  3. Stamped code observed on pliers, e.
  4. The distinctive appearance clearly identifies this as the Mossberg No.

Guide to Collecting Antique Hand Tools

Dating Stanley
Antique Chisels

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Dating vintage Starrett tools. Some of them are very valuable in the world of antique tools both because of their rarity and the type of materials that were used on them. This is the first of several articles covering Craftsman brand tools. Wood planes are one of the most popular collectible hand tools around.

Observed on earlier Craftsman Vanadium adjustable wrenches. Found on open-end, box-end, and combination wrenches. Observed on later Craftsman Vanadium adjustable wrenches. Forged-in or stamped on box-end and combination wrenches. Thus, it would be reasonable to expect that at least some supplier contracts would require that Sears not publicly disclose the manufacturer of the products.

Early Craftsman Tools and Their Makers

Produced Craftsman Vanadium open-end wrenches, e. Danielson Observed on earlier Craftsman Vanadium adjustable wrenches. Edge tools like axes are one of the oldest known hand tools still in existence. Maybe Akron Cultivator Co. Craftsman Vanadium Wrench.

Early Craftsman Tools and Their Makers Page 1

The Simmons Manufacturing Co. Produced Craftsman Vanadium socket sets, e. Paul, Minnesota hardware wholesalers Found on a Deering style implement wrench. James, I have thought about building a Lufkin site, but currently it's not high on my list of priorities, basic principles for relative but it is on the radar.

Faeth was a hardware and steel jobber not a manufacturer. Generally stamped, but may be forged on early tools. Also known on other Craftsman, Dunlap, and Merit tools.

Welcome to Old Tool Photos

How Do Scientists Accurately Date Stone Artifacts - The New York Times

Other evidence is summarized in the list below and will be expanded upon when time permits. By this time the automobile market was growing rapidly and the socket sets produced by Bay State, Mossberg, and others were regarded as effective even essential tools for automotive maintenance. What's new Latest activity.

Typically preceded or followed by digits, e. Found on Craftsman pliers, e. Here's an old small Starrett vernier caliper. By continuing to use this site, dating you are consenting to our use of cookies.

By the time I am ninety I will be pretty much fully occupied! There are many rare, unique and collectable types of hammers on the market today. First Craftsman open-end wrenches.

Here is the picture of the blue micrometer box, you requested the other day. Our set was acquired in good condition, but is missing six drain plug sockets and a valve grinder attachment, based on the Sears catalog listing noted below. This catalog listing goes a long way in explaining why old pressed-steel socket sets of any brand frequently include Mossberg replacement sockets. Now that's the problem, online dating profile I still have to work for a living.

The Sears representative then records your particular code on the chart used by the tool sorters, and agrees to true up your account in the next invoice. Several mechanics type wrenches seen. But what if your company's tools are very similar to the other production and have no special identifying marks?

Antique plumb bobs often were shaped like common staples such as pears, carrots or turnips. Sears continued to offer Mossberg socket sets at least into the mid s. All three of which were located in Wisconsin. The sheath can be placed either over the short end of the bar to form a Tee-handle, as in the photograph here, or placed on the long end of the bar as a grip and extender. Found on Craftsman Locking Adjustable Wrench.

Button's Pattern Fall Pliers with three Button's cutting slots. Louis, Missouri Found on an adjustable bicycle wrench. Found on a stamped steel spanner wrench with several hex and square openings.


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Typically forged into open-end wrenches. Origin not known Found on a Deering style wrench sometimes with unreadable ghost lettering on reverse. Make him an offer he can't refuse He doesn't have to pay eBay fees.

When a new type of tool was introduced, initially there was probably only a single manufacturer, and the tools probably didn't closely resemble any of the existing tool models. These are especially valuable. The web site is a great idea, I wish someone would start one for Lufkin as I have a rather extensive collection of their tools. So far I have only found descriptions for black enamel frames in my catalogs. Found on Crescent type, alligator, and wood handled monkey wrenches.

Dating vintage Starrett tools
  • Using multiple codes should not have been be a problem as long as the maker let Sears know in advance.
  • Heavy-duty Klein Pattern lineman's pliers.
  • The socket sizes in the catalog listing differ somewhat from the sizes in the No.
  • Tools available separately included the Mossberg No.

The Origin of Manufacturer's Codes One well-known but undocumented aspect of Craftsman tools is the presence of a manufacturer's code marking on most although not all tools. While the use of hammers hasn't changed much over the years, the material and shape of the hammers has. From flea markets to online shops, it's possible to find enough antique and vintage hand tools to satisfy even a niche collector. Maybe after I shake this pesky job, I'll have more time for the important stuff.

Guide to Collecting Antique Hand Tools

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