Passing some info on Re Nikon F3 serial numbers

Dating nikon f3, nikon f3 serial numbers

Please help me to know about my first film Camera. The biggest help is when you use any of these links when you get anything. In manual operation the photographer selects both the shutter speed and the aperture manually.

This feature is not mentioned in the manual, but is the subject of much confusion and grief in the photography fora. Two near the end, and one near the beginning. Im wondering what year my camera and lens was manufactured?

If I get more, I'll pass'em on to you. The first two digits are used for determining the date of the body. Your info has helped fill-in that gap. The later part can be fitted to early bodies but a partial stripdown is required. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

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It was bought by my dad as a demo model being sold at a store here in Toronto. Instead of the depth-of-field preview button, it had an extended version of the button which became an aperture opening button for composing purposes. There are still plenty of people using them today. The same kind of switch around the shutter-speed dial is the self timer. Serial number - year of production?

Nikon F3 Serial Numbers / Production Dates

This is a waste of time because you only can shoot at the tiniest aperture. Body was being sold without prism, because the person had returned it to the camera shop in a supposedly non-working condition. In the dark, a dim bulb can be turned on to help.

Flickr Discussing Nikon F3 Date/Manufacturing Codes in Nikon F3

Nikon/Nikkor F Serial Numbers and Production Dates

It's months ago permalink. Hasn't been sent to Sover yet. Months later, free dating in tulsa my batteries are still fine. This article needs additional citations for verification. Great for long automatic night exposures many minutes long.

Metering is Nikon's perfect and classic heavily center-weighted pattern. Nikon made three main styles of manual focus lenses. Why not call Nikon and ask them? Not sure if he was the original owner or not. It's great people like you who allow me to keep adding to this site full-time.

Good luck and good light Jeff The Chicagoan months ago permalink. Exposure will not be accurate. Jeff The Chicagoan months ago permalink.

Do you happen to know if Thierry R. There are a zillion special purpose finders available, none of which make any sense to me. Each screen addresses only a very narrow range of applications.

If you need to do this for a while roll, leave the lever down between shots, otherwise, push it up when you're done. June is the production date for your body. Your help will be much appreciated! Congrats on your new purchases, a nice setup you have there. Unless the coding, which is in our alphabet, dating site how to write is a direct translation from the Japanese way of doing things Mick.

The code numbers are gone, impossible to see. Pictures would be great for my records. If you find this page as helpful as a book you might have had to buy or a workshop you may have had to take, feel free to help me continue helping everyone. Jeff The Chicagoan ages ago permalink. It's a dead system that used a couple of dedicated lenses.

  1. Shot one roll of film today and it handles beautifully!
  2. There is one additional gold contact pin surrounding the rewind spigot, that joins with the electrical connection on the base of the camera.
  3. Do you have any pics showing the serial number and manufacturing code.
  4. Mirror lock-up allows use of old fisheye and ultrawide lenses that recessed into the body.
Dating nikon f3
  • To do this, rotate the lower front lever down.
  • The more info we can gather, the more accurate the database will become.
  • Perspective Control lenses feature semi-automatic diaphragms which must be manipulated when metering.
  • The exposed surface of the body beneath the hinge pin will show a four digit and letter code.
  • Previous bodies do not seem to have a code.

Afterward, it went somewhere else, and finally landed in the Seattle, Washington area of the United States. Has anyone seen a camera without this code? No further indexing was necessary. Though new old stock kits sometimes show up on eBay, the conversion is usually accomplished by modifying the existing aperture selection ring. The camera will use only the widest aperture of the G lens, dating somebody controlling the exposure strictly by the shutter speed its computer selects.

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Those bodies have it in the chamber where the film cartridge sits. It's possible that it is wrong. Rotate the switch around the shutter button to show the red dot. It is easier to look in the Nikon blue book.

Exposure is match-dot manual, or aperture-preferred auto. The camera is so robust that many are likely to be in use as long as there is film to feed them. If you don't use these steps to meter with the aperture stopped down, your pictures will be about seven stops underexposed.

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Well, next step is to load this beauty with film again. There will be a four digit number. Long after production ceased, new bodies in boxes were available throughout the world, so an exact production number is not readily available.

Passing some info on Re Nikon F3 serial numbers

Dating nikon f3
Dating nikon f3
Flickr Discussing Serial number - year of production in Nikon F3

Nikon/Nikkor F Serial Numbers and Production Dates

If you see red next to the shutter dial, you'll get the self timer until you rotate it to cover the red dot. Those who use it find it a solidly made, superb handling, highly versatile tool for creative photography. This is not as cumbersome a procedure as it seems when the light source is reasonably constant. It also came in a wooden presentation box. It also benefited from the conformal coating of the internal circuit board.

The only down-side to this was a smaller image through the viewfinder compared to the standard prism. Highly desirable and hard to find. The manual range includes the geometrically progressive scale in seconds and fractions of a second.

Nikon F3 serial numbers

Dating nikon f3
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