Can you date these Irwin Auger Bits

Dating irwin auger bits, irwin auger bit set

Good - too aggressive for a drill press. Egg beater style hand drills are used for precision drilling. Also, dating springfield armory 1911 inspect the handle for cracks. Expect to pay a couple dollars each or less.

Below is my list of urgent, semi-urgent, and non-urgent hand drills, braces, dating and bits. This drill bit has cuts really well for small thickness wood. Part delivered on time and as represented. These hand tools are obviously used for boring holes into wood for a variety of purposes.

Your projects will differ from mine, so your list of traditional woodworking tools may also vary. What to look for in a T-handle Auger? The inch sweep gets the job done quickly, without being too large, the handle is comfortable, and the quick release split chuck is convenient. It is a bit large, but it still works. Nicer hand drills can go for a fair amount more especially refurbished hand drills.

And a larger hand drill like this has larger jaws, which allows me to use larger drill bits like brad point bits. These are fantastic auger bits. So I use small split point drill bits with my egg beater drills to drill these tiny pilot holes.

Hand Drill and Brace Drill Buyer s Guide for Woodworkers

Eventually your auger bits and brad point bits will need to be sharpened. So if you can only afford one hand drill, then get one similar to this hand drill. Works great on my cordless drill to drill through the ice so I can measure the thickness. It fit in an old hand brace I have and it stays in fairly well. You can usually find T Handle augers hanging in old barns.

Can you date these Irwin Auger Bits

Auger bits fit inside a woodworking hand brace, for boring holes. They make very smooth holes, and slice through nails easily. Please enter your username or email address. Worked well for floor drilling.

The last bit brace you will ever need! The drill bit jams into the wood which stops the bit and rips the drill out of your hand and injuring your wrist. Vintage auger bits are nearly as common as quarters, and can be found for about that much money, if you buy them outside of a nice shiny set. Accepts both traditional square tapered shank bits as well as round shank bits.

But it's just what I needed to complete a set of augers - and, really, it was in fine shape! One of the specialized auger bits that you can see in the above photo, and that I would recommend that you buy early on, is a vintage countersink auger bit. This task would be difficult with a small brace.

You can find them here on Ebay. Just make sure the top handle i. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Silky smooth ball bearing construction, both top and bottom. It stinks when you make a few turns and the handle splits into two pieces!

You will receive a link to create a new password via email. There's a problem loading this menu right now. So use with caution and do not use on thick wood. You can find really old braces with a simple thumb screw above or braces with a ratcheting mechanism below. We built our own home and I used this bit for all of the wiring, worked great.

Auger Bits - Woodboring Drill Bits - Drill Bits - Tools - IRWIN TOOLS

B. Semi-Urgent Hand Drills Braces & Bits (Buy these next)

Irwin Auger Bit Set

You can also reinforce an old handle with a couple small metal tie straps from your home center. Which Hand Brace is best for Woodworkers? Buy Auger Bits Auger bits fit inside a woodworking hand brace, zimbabweans dating in south africa for boring holes.


It is very comparable to my old set of augers I have from my late father, dating to the s. Driving these with a hand brace involves literally a third of the effort of my Irwin pattern bits, and produces a cleaner hole. See the Irwin auger bits in the photo above. Buy a Bit Sharpening File Eventually your auger bits and brad point bits will need to be sharpened.


If you are on a tight budget, then you can easily pick up some loose auger bits on Ebay, at tool swaps, or at flea markets. However, I find that most braces have a ratcheting mechanism. So they are very common and fairly inexpensive. Some even older bits, like center bits i.

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And the lead screw is very difficult to resurrect. These random auger bits will usually require some rust removal. You can only tell you hit one from the snapping sound, and the shiny sheared-off metal in the hole when you're done. Looks a bit like an orphan, left alone on the hardware store shelf too long. The bit will bite into the wood and try to move it around.

Would definetely buy again but I might purchase in a bit shorter length. Middlesex Community College. Its a drill bit that does what it says.

  1. It is much more solidly built than my other ratcheting braces, and has a very smooth action.
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  3. This is a well-made auger.
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  • But these hand tools are fun to use and can be better for certain jobs than power drills.
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Irwin Auger Bits

Irwin Auger Bit Sets
Hand Brace Auger Drill Bits

But a one speed hand drill should work just fine. Though when the self-feed screw tip starts to go, its takes more and more effort to drive it through the wood, the more it gets damaged. Also, you can re-sharpen them several times with just a flat file.

Vintage irwin auger bits

And for this precision work I definitely prefer these slow egg beater hand drills over a fast and aggressive power drill. Think drilling pilot holes for hinges and cut nails, or drilling holes for pegging with dowels on mortises, how do and even hand planes. Hand Brace Auger Drill Bits.

How do you measure the sweep of a Hand Brace drill? The size number will be stamped into the tang. Or if you find an inexpensive auger, buy it and decide that your holes will have to conform! Egg beater hand drills use straight shafted drill bits. Augers come in different sizes, so just decide which size of holes you want to bore before buying an auger.

Hand Brace Auger Drill Bits

Irwin Auger Bit Sets
A. Urgent Hand Drills Braces & Bits (Buy these First)
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