Hardy fly rod dating BBBG

Dating hardy fly reels, the milbro trademark brass fly fishing reel

It would add a great deal to my story when I show the piece to my friends. It wasn't long before Hardy's products had gained worldwide fame and royal warrants were rained upon them, the company having held at least ten in its time. It is difficult to date the reels precisely without detailed knowledge of how each is constructed and operated. Sometimes, a mint reel with its box and papers may attract higher prices. Cheaper versions of such were fastened together without screws.

The ivory is intact but has some yellowing. Horrocks-Ibbotson Horrocks-Ibbotson Co. In addition the spool has a couple of dinks to the lower rim as shown which would need straightening out before use but otherwise it is sold as found and as seen. The company's founder was a prolific inventor, and many of the Hendryx reels were marked with the dates of his patents, sometimes incorrectly. All of which seems like a winning combination - and it would be if it came equipped with virtually any other drag in this test.

It's also fairly narrow so your line won't be piling up. Comparison with reels of known makers usually identifies the manufacturer. Slightly better versions employed screws and somewhat thicker brass. Do you have any info on this reel? Most of the Portage reels we encounter were made during the s.

While that number isn't impressing anyone, it's not enough to dismiss the reel all together. Therefore, dating fabrics eileen jahnke trestain it is necessary to both see and operate a reel to date it more precisely. It is made of solid brass. It's really easy to use and works great! The patent marked on your reel was granted in to John M.

Hardy - A Short History
  • Hardy Reel Directory Manufacturing Dates.
  • Nevertheless, the price you paid seems fair for a reel in that condition.
  • Hardy zipped reel case supplied.
  • Fly reels for vintage fans If you're a vintage aficionado or even if you prefer to fish with reels from yesteryear, you can find something to suit you.
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Pflueger and Shakespeare reels are generally more popular with collectors than the other mass-produced reels, but most of their products remain in the category discussed here. You'll find lots of them selling on ebay daily, so check there to see what kinds of prices they bring, while keeping your reel's condition in mind. Product listings, on-line factory store and dealer listings. There are no dents, bends or major scratches to this reel. Barbara's father Robert was a very experienced angler and one of his legacies was a list of flies that appeared in the Hardy catalogues for many years.

The Milbro Trademark Brass Fly Fishing Reel

Dating Hardy Fly Reels - baseprogram

Most are more valuable for fishing than as collectibles. Hardy reel maintainence and conversion. We expected the Hardy to be a top contender in this shootout, so it was very surprising to find out that its drag wasn't up to par. One major indicator of age among the above models is the use of slotted, rather than Reed and Prince, screws to hold the foot to the frame. If you're looking for a gift for a keen angler, this reel would be the perfect choice.

Collectors Weekly

The precise dating of such models is often difficult without knowledge of various structural details. Because so many Hendryx reels were produced, dating them is difficult and requires careful attention to the markings, including the line-capacity stampings on the bottoms of the reels. Hardy reels represent the epitome of durable and classic fishing reels.

If new in the box, it can go higher. In fact, many of their models have been manufactured for over sixty years. The foot on yours is a typical Terry foot, glass but obviously it lacks the patent date.

If you're a vintage aficionado or even if you prefer to fish with reels from yesteryear, you can find something to suit you. Some of these reels are trade reels made by the major companies like Bronson, Shakespeare, or South Bend, but are marked with the brands of the retailers that ordered them. It's even affordably priced. Hendryx reels remain attractive to collectors for a number of reasons.

Hardy Fly Fishing Reels for sale

Stillwater Fly Shop
  1. As far as values go, most Penns are sold for fishing, rather than as collectibles.
  2. Can you tell me more about it?
  3. The company should be able to provide structural clues for dating their reels, and they stock parts for even their older reels.
  4. We have many references in this regard that we can provide to you.

Can you give me any information on it? Sometimes, just varying the tightness of each frame screw can help. Some of the top-line reels, such as the President, or some nicely decorated nickel-silver reels may attract somewhat higher prices at times, but most of the reels listed fall into lower price ranges. Higgins Higgins reels were sold by Sears, and they were made by various companies over the years.

It has almost everything going for it - almost. Coxe, who made very well known big-game trolling reels at his shop in L. The foot appears on a lot of reels, usually with the patent date stamped on it.

The company was bought by the makers of True Temper tackle. It is marked with Benson-Reel and Pat. What's more, this reel can easily be adapted to suit a left or a right handed angler, dating scenario so you'll be comfortable fishing with it either way.

For both the Pflueger and Penn reels, you probably will be more successful calling local tackle shops that do reel repairs. The true issue is its startup inertia, which we measured at a massive. Summits also were made for decades, and a lot of tackle shops still have stocks of parts for Pflueger baitcasting reels. Dive in and see if its performance stands up.

You didn't describe what's wrong with either reel, but their restoration may not be difficult for an experienced reel technician. If you have any info on this piece, or even if you can steer me in the right direction, I would be very grateful. Benson, of Milwaukee, Wisc. Reels made after were marked with a two-letter date code, e.

Antique and Vintage Fishing Reels

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They are old, and they were among the first truly mass-produced fishing reels in the U. The major features included a gearbox made by soldering a circular flange to the inside of the headplate and a one-piece foot. The black rubber side plate on one side is quite worn, the chrome plate is apx. Smooth alloy foot with marks, two screw latch and single screw line guard, dating sites rear tension screw.

Long may Hardys remain a contender, and yes, you can still buy a Perfect reel. Reels like the Hardy Perfect defined what a fly reel should be for generations. It seems that half the Scots made reels then, and the other half fished. Hendryx reels were made from stamped sheet brass, brass castings, nickel-plated brass, German silver, aluminum, and combinations of hard rubber with brass or German silver.

Dating ABU Reels

If you don't own at least one, you are missing out. Manufacturing Dates in brackets. Because so many were produced, they are still relatively inexpensive, and their seemingly infinite variety virtually guarantees that a collector will never run out of Hendryx reels to track down. The reels evolved during the s, and some of the changes were internal. Options include leather pouches for a luxurious finish, plus neoprene cases which will prevent any scratches or damage to your reels.

Hardy fly rod dating BBBG

Reed and Prince screws have crossed slots similar to those on Phillips-head screws. Unless the reel is old enough pre-mids to use slotted screws, it falls into the category discussed here. Together with a neoprene reel pouch. Anyway, your reel is an early Terry, one of only three I've ever seen that were made using the patented gearbox.

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Antique and Vintage Fishing Reels

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