Dating hand planes

Dating hand planes, dating stanley

The sides of the plane lack the handy holds. The tote does use the same fastening means as that found on the metallic planes. There are a vast number of antique wood planes in existence often causing confusion surrounding their identification. This plate is similar to the regular cap iron for bevel side down planes where the slot in it permits the adjusting fork to engage and then allows adjustment. Frog screw adjust feature not always present.

Other than that, everything that follows each listing is from the dark corners of my mind. The rivet to hold the lever cap spring is not machined flat on the surface. Button's Pattern Fall Pliers with three Button's cutting slots. Also, the cap irons are not interchangeable.

This next figure shows an example of a Hinsdale socket set believed to have been the first alloy-steel socket set offered by Sears, based on the listing in the Sears Spring-Summer catalog. Produced Craftsman Vanadium socket sets, e. If you have any questions about the tool you're buying, get it vetted by a third, fourth, dating your sister's friend fifth party.


May be from the war years. First Craftsman box-end wrenches. This is the first of several articles covering Craftsman brand tools.

This next figure shows a listing for the Aristocrat No. Also known on other Craftsman, Dunlap, and Merit tools. Make sure this plane has the plate, and not a replacement cutter and cap iron taken from a similar width bench plane. This set is easily identifiable as a Bay State No.

Dating hand planes

To allow the plane to use the Bailey cutter depth adjustment feature on a wood bottom plane - there simply isn't enough room for these features if the cutter were put at a lower pitch. It was a very popular feature, making this transitional smoother one of the most commonly encoutered. Remember, this originally was a guide for those guys who intended to use what they purchased. Sears Watch Company in Minneapolis.

Rather than try to create a formal type study, I decided to focus more on the practical goal of simply establishing criteria for dating the planes within the narrowest possible time frame. This page is the best resource I know for dating them. From its modest beginning as a merchandiser of watches, the company grew to become the largest mail-order company in the United States, and eventually became the largest retail company. To provide for a comfortable grip, the rear of the cast iron frame is rounded allowing it to fit into the palm of the hand easily.

Identifying Antique Wood Planes

Examples of the continuing use of the Fulton brand in the post-Craftsman era can be found in a section on Later Fulton Tools. For many of these collectors coming across an antique wood plane during one of their treasure hunts is exhilarating. These are covered, in sufficient detail, in the relevant listings. Danielson Observed on earlier Craftsman Vanadium adjustable wrenches. No dates, replacement part or possibly still a copy?

The earliest models of these planes have lever caps that are smooth, but are also japanned all over. If any of our readers have found a good reference covering tools at Sears, please let us know and we'll add the reference. Danielson Early s Observed on later Craftsman Vanadium adjustable wrenches.

Found on chisels and punches, e. Both of these features help to overcome any lateral twisting of the tote. First Craftsman open-end wrenches. Through repeated use, for they become sole shot.

Resources for Identifying Antique Wood Planes

Some of our users
  1. Notice the small size of the central rib and the B casting mark.
  2. Found on Craftsman pliers, e.
  3. There are some late production wood bottom planes that have the Hand-y grip feature, similar to that found on the common metal block planes, milled into their wooden bodies.

Dating Stanley

Block Plane Dating

Would love to nail it down. In later catalogs the illustration for this set shows the sockets spilled in front of the box, with the Mossberg M-Diamond logo visible on the sockets. While certainly not rare, this plane is the most difficult to find of the common transitionals.

Readers can refer to the DuroBilt Decal shown with another set for a more readable example. Combination Fall Fall Slip-joint combination pliers with side-cutters. Afterall, a source of information about the tools should include the good, the bad, and the ugly, christian dating free services all of which Stanley managed to make. The welds are colored to match their surrounding and then are machined to be unnoticeable.

Stanley Bench Planes Mini-Site Navigation

First Craftsman C-Series socket sets. Although the retail price is no longer current, all of the rest of the information remains the same. Why do some manufacturer's codes appear to be mnemonics for the maker's name? We will make use of this estimated beginning point in attempting to refine the manufacturing date estimates for some tools. Newer Post Older Post Home.

An honest person will point out repairs, so know your source! The origin of this set means that it predates the Craftsman C-Series Socket Sets by a year or two. Lists Cross Country tools.

How to Identify Stanley Hand Plane Age and Type (Type Study Tool)
The Stanley Bench Plane Page

By the late s Sears was offering socket sets under a number of brands, including Duro-Bilt, Hinsdale, Merit, and others. Craftsman History The story of the Sears Craftsman brand begins in with the registration of the Craftsman trademark. During the war, when brass was in high demand, the screw holding. Based on a review of the Sears catalogs, this Hinsdale set appears to have been the first alloy-steel socket set offered by Sears.

Wood and Shop

  • Craftsman Vanadium Steel Craftsman block logo.
  • Impossible to narrow further without more information.
  • What year would that put it?

Bed Rock Type Study

This section will show examples of the kinds of tools offered in this early period, using a mix of catalog illustrations and actual photographs when the tools are available. Another area of concern is the tool's finish and its originality. The plane's number is stamped incised into the toe, usually along with the company's name and, on the earlier examples, an eagle. One of the most useful types of books for antique plane identification is a good price guide for antique tools. They are rugged guys that served their owners well.

Sounds like what you have is a no. You can sometimes find the planes so riddled with worm holes that they resemble Bonnie and Clyde's last stand. These planes are no different than that of any other field of collecting where unscrupulous, get-rich-quick, ought-to-be-making-license-plates-for-a-living, types abound.

See our article on Duro and Indestro for more information on these important companies. This example points out an implicit use of the manufacturer's codes. That bluing that Patrick Leach is talking about look like a mat greyish blue coating. Other copies are those tools that were made directly from an original tool, usually by a patternmaker for his own use. The totes on these planes are normally found cracked and broken.

Dating hand planes

Email Address never made public. Typically preceded or followed by digits, e. Danielson s to s Stamped code observed on pliers, e.

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