Perfume Shrine Frequent Questions How to Date Guerlain Parure Bottles

Dating guerlain perfume bottles, blog archive

Picture below Photo from basenote member ayelfior. Thank you for taking the time to educate us. The simplest and easiest starting point when it comes to vintage Shalimar is to look at the actual label on the bottle itself. Ahhhh I have realized a years-long dream. For me, at the end of the day, age and its impact on the scent will always be more important than packaging.

Perfume Shrine Frequent Questions How to Date Guerlain Parure Bottles

It really is a brilliant piece of work. Thank you for the kind words on the guide, but also for alerting us to the situation with the Raiders page and its subsequent return. This link has a partial catalog listing of the vintage catalog numbers.

The more I wore it, the more I wanted to explore the scent across time. None of this would be possible without your guide. Will you let me know how you fare, natalie dating site either during your hunt or once you find a bottle?

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All the bottles that I have seen that are new seem to have this string. The Shalimar bat bottles are Baccarat and you can see how they gleam in the light. Hi Grace, dating thank you so much for all the effort you put into your website. It's proved to be very enlightening and helpful. Anything compared to your Mitzah reaction is wonderful news.

Dating guerlain perfume bottles

At that point, one has to look at the actual bottle itself for clues as to its age. During the s, Shalimar parfum also occasionally came in the squat Jicky quadrilobe bottle. Could this indicate a fake bottle? And a very good Option C, too if one has the money to do it. My first search has been a total disaster, ops with lots of Parfum Imitial and huge amounts of vintage advertisements.

When you receive your bottle, you may want to see what camera close-ups reveal. That means a lot coming from you. Your writing inspired me to undertake my own rigorous e-Bay treasure hunt.

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Simply knowing when your perfume first came out can be a huge help. This lettering is fragile and can be easily lost with cleaning. If you are able to get the picture of the base from the link, you will now have the elusive Cristal Romesnil acid etched logo photo. This fragrance was just that powerful and rich. The liquid is such a beautiful brown colour!

  1. Photo from basenote member ayelfior.
  2. More on the base marks much later.
  3. You can click on the photo to open it in a large size in a separate window.
  4. Hopefully some will find this, and find it helpful, and please, if you have information to add, share it!
  5. It should cut through all the flotsam and dreck.
  6. These vintage fragrances, the really old ones, are in very finite supply.
Cleopatra s Boudoir How to Date Your Perfume Bottle

Vintage Shalimar Parfum over the decades. To my eye, none of them look like heavy crystal in the way that the Baccarat does. After reading and re-reading and searching, it was only with your help I was ale to find a rich, deep smelling bottle of my own. Make of that what you will.

Angelaira s Vintage Perfumes Guide to Vintage Shalimar

Please keep updating this blog, it's been too long. Help with dating of perfume bottles. It's one of the few classic Guerlain bottles that has contained just one fragrance, as Guerlain had a habit of reusing its bottles for different perfumes until Jean-Paul Guerlain took over as nose. It has the blue stopper which says Guerlain and is shaped like the one in the photo.

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Dating guerlain perfume bottles

The first is eau de cologne chamade by guerlain. It has the same round acid etching also has C etched on it also a small cz etched all on the bottom of the bottle it's unopened sealed the perfume is fairly darker in color like the No. Please remember that some perfumes were made for many years after their launch dates, on the other hand, some perfumes were only sold for a very short time.

Thank you for bringing this point or possibility to my attention. Ultimately, though, the only real thing that makes an Avion bottle stand out is its rarity and, in my opinion, none of that matters as much as what the fragrance smells like. Sticker from the s to late s. You're most welcome, glad you enjoyed! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Guerlain perfume bottle

Help with dating of perfume bottles

Some labels can be read from both sides, looking thru the back of the bottle. The perfume was sealed with a cork covered in a thin plastic seal. After reading your reaction, I feel as emotional as you do, cherie. Bottle lid may be plastic.

Dating guerlain perfume bottles

Raiders of the Lost Scent How to recognize GUERLAIN perfumes

At least, I hope that is how it was for you, too. Thank you as always for a lovely piece! Both of those factors would influence my eventual decision. May your fabled eBay luck continue to hold strong. Trying to date this bottle was difficult because it looks vintage, but it had a clear plastic label on the bottom, scorpio and the ground glass stopper is also encased in plastic.

The Vintage Perfume Vault Watch out for those old Guerlain bottles

Cleopatra s Boudoir How to Date Your Perfume Bottle

  • And you know how I know that?
  • The N is just missing a small o it seems, possibly faded over time?
  • Habit de Fete bottle for Eau de Toilette, far left and far right.
  • However, there are some basic guidelines to make things much simpler.

These listings may look good on the surface but, if you arm yourself with knowledge, you can get much better deals elsewhere and some of them may end up to be astonishing bargains! It feels like there are letters raised on the bottom, but I can't make them out. Do you like the scent of the one you bought?

Impressive longevity, incensy, light leather, great throw. No amimalic note detected. Have a lovely weekend, and welcome again to the blog. Kathleen, you're very lucky. It tells me that a bottle is Baccarat and, as a result, most likely to be from the s to the early s.

Nothing would make me happier than if this ridiculously long post helped you to find a great and really old bottle for a good price. Parure is one of my all-time favorites. The word Shalimar is printed right on the bottle. Everything looked like accidental scratches.

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