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Dating griswold cast iron, kitchensanity

The first of the famous Griswold skillet logos. The bottom of unmarked Wagner pans may be smooth, or they may have a heat ring. Modern cast iron is thicker and much heavier than antique mold-cast iron.

The finish was either dull or polished. Identify, date your skillet using logos. Yes Merit skillets were made by Griswold as well.

How to Identify Markings on Wagner Cast Iron

Lye can be used to strip away the old seasoning on your classic cast iron. Erie cast iron skillets are super light and smooth. Unmarked Wagner Ware skillet.

How old is my Griswold cast iron skillet? Just take your time if you want to buy one of these beauties. These photos are used as an educational resource for anyone interested in cast iron. How much should I pay for an Griswold skillet? When searching for old cast iron, you should check out old junk shops, out of the way antique dealers and other knick-knack type spaces.

  1. The Griswold slant logo is easily with the word Griswold which is in italics.
  2. If you have an Erie skillet, you can further break the Erie logo into different categories.
  3. Today, Griswold pieces are collector's items.
  4. Over the years that followed the company added products such as kettles, Dutch ovens, roasters, a grid iron and other various pots and pans.
  5. This skillet, in excellent condition, can be worth thousands of dollars.
  6. Hammered products are tougher to locate than regular items.

Griswold cast iron skillet dating

Griswold cast iron markings include

Later pieces of Griswold cast iron history feature a diamond shaped logo on the bottom. The next year there was a fire, and the factory had to be rebuilt. Check out our other article to learn about the history of Griswold Manufacturing. Erie cast iron is some of the most sought after vintage cast iron you can collect. However many sellers value their sellers at market value.

Iron Mountain pans are fantastic cookers! Sand cast pans are inherently rougher and much harder to season smoothly. You have entered an incorrect email address! Keep reading to discover a simple tip to check if a pan is cracked.

Experts with Cast Iron Collector offer a detailed listing of what pans were made in certain eras, and which logos were used as the years went by. Puritan Cast iron skillet made by Griswold Manufacturing Company. Smoke ring or heat or fire ring. Again this is a wide conservative range.

Rather the small block logo is simply not as collectible, so you may pick a good skillet at at bargain prices. Note the Times New Roman type face and break in ride on underside of handle. Note the Times New Roman type face.

Look out for sizes between if you want to collect a full set. Why did they use pattern letters? There, if you are lucky, single mom dating you will find identifying information about your pan. It was still within the double circle and cross.

Griswold cast iron skillet. Identify date your skillet using logos

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Griswold Logo And Identification

Why use a cast iron skillet? Take a good look at the underside of the handle of your no-name skillet. They are less valuable than the earlier pieces, world cup dating but still highly sought after. However slant logos on skillets without a heat ring is not as common as skillets with a heat ring. Erie skillets are also super smooth.

Griswold Manufacturing

What does the f stand for? Skillets lost much of their character however there are some beautiful skillets around with the small block logo. If you have a Griswold cast iron skillet that has been hiding in the back of your kitchen cupboard. However, the word is out Griswold to the name to have and some sellers are asking some hefty prices.

One of the more popular markings or trademarks is know as the Griswold block logo. Manufacturers, history, education, identification, use, stories, collectors and collections. Beneath the number is the diameter of the pan in inches, i. If there was a problem with one of the molds, Okay which mold was it? Investing in antique kitchen tools is a great way to put these durable and wonderful pieces back to work.

This rim kept the heated surface slightly elevated above the heat source. The spider structure refers to short legs on the bottom of the pan so it can sit both on the cooktop and in coals. In a fire burnt down the foundry. Please enter your name here. Griswold drastically reduced the size of the logo and skillets came without a heat ring.


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Here are tips to help you with your research as you venture into the world of vintage cast iron skillet identification. Whether it has a smoke ring or not can be a huge difference in the value of the piece. They are also heavier in weight.

Dating wagner cast iron skillet

Griswold Manufacturing

The Cast Iron Collector also has some great information on cast iron store brands. However the Erie logo used before Griswold. However if the skillet was used on coal or wood ranges it may have pitting on the base. Wagner cast iron Wagner Ware history, dates and logos.

Griswold Cast Iron History & Price Guide

Smooth bottom skillet are not as desirable to collectors as skillets with heats rings so you can expect to pay less for a Griswold without a heat ring. The Griswold Small Block trademark is not as collectable to many cast iron enthusiasts however they are still fantastic skillets. Erie cast iron skillets are very thin and lighter Griswold cast iron skillets.

Understanding Griswold
Griswold cast iron skillet. Identify date your skillet using logos
Griswold cast iron skillet dating - NoDa Brewing Company
  • Your mother is one lucky lady.
  • If I have your description correct, your skillet probably was made in the s later than the slant Erie logo.
  • Any Griswold item not manufactured in Erie is not associated with that company.

The distinctive handle shape easily identifies Iron Mountain skillets. Some photos are sourced from and credited to eBay. Take care to take extreme safety precautions when working with lye. Simply marked in the beginning.

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