How to identify an antique electric fan

Dating ge fans, collectors weekly

How To Identify An Antique Electric Fan

  • Yes the handle is dented slightly, but not broken.
  • An oil return collar was now press fitted to the front of the motor in front of the bearing to catch oil thrown from the grooves on the blade hub and direct it back into the top of the oiler.
  • That idea went out the window in a hurry.
  • Photos of individual fans shown below.

The headwire is original with outer cover partially missing. The blade has no dents or other problems and runs pretty true. It is one of the very few small fans I have ever spent any time on, and as a result it seem to run fairly well.

Collectors Weekly

  1. Price and details of each fan are provided below.
  2. Most are unrestored, unpolished, and with original paint and finishes, mostly in very good or better condition and most dating from the s or earlier.
  3. Blades are aluminum first year and motor and base are drawn steel.
  4. One concern I have with it is that there is a lot of in and out play on the shaft like it is missing some sort of spacer.
  5. Either way, thank you very much for your time.
  6. The only change for these that I see are the struts, which are now using a beveled screw head to hold the cage to them.

Mine looks to have steel struts. The motor was still devoid of the vent holes that would appear on the models. It features wide, overlapping aluminum blades and a durable, phd dating traditional black enamel finish with black lacquered blades. The motor tag remained of plain brass with all the data stamped in it.

Clean off the dirt and grime, put on a new cord and head wire, put in a new wick and it's good to go. Since you can't see the end of the motor shaft with a cast hub blade you can't be sure it's all the way on unless the fit is a very easy slip. As a collector of pancakes, models seem to be in demand. It is just a single speed. Be sure to clean out the old hardened grease in your fan's gearbox and replenish by coating the gears well with a good multipurpose grease.

The base lost its full ribbing with the lower part of the base being smooth. The trunnion mount carries the same look as it's earlier counterparts, except for the thinner motor housing, switch to a four wing blade, a new brass motor tag, and as mentioned, the grease cup. There is nothing really unusual from this view, above, of the fan. This unique Emerson fan was made in and sports the optional spiral safety cage.

Contact Me pre-1930 desk fans only

Not a big deal if you plan on keeping it but if your trying to turn a profit, that will be tough to do. The motor is still cast iron, as is the neck. Motor acorn nuts are still smooth without a screwdriver slot. Finally do you know of a source for a new coil or, as a lst resort, is there a modern wiring that would suit the purpose? Like most pancakes this one is a four pole motor.

Dating ge fans

The cage is without any breaks. All wiring is within the base going up to the motor which is a rigid part of the motor casting. Consider this fan needs to have at least a new front bearing.

Antique and Vintage Fans

Dating ge fans
Early Electric Fans The GE pancake

These years could surely be considered as favorites. Middle models feature a change to three struts. More fans to be added occasionally as I get the time to go through what I have.

It is a model and is a great fan for daily use. The inch variety were usually used for smaller spaces, while the inch fans were intended for use in theatres and churches. Maybe it would be easier if I sent some pictures if you're interested in helping or maybe you can just decipher what I'm talking about from my terrible description.

The fan is actually made rather interestingly. The fan blade hub screws onto the rotor, which rotates on this hollow shaft, which is filled with oil from the single oil port on the fan's back. The line cord is original, I think.

Dating ge fans

How to identify an antique electric fan

You can see this by lack of a spring-loaded pin under the oscillator link. Brass finish and paint is all original. This is about as nice of an original Emerson as you will find.

Dating ge fans

Thank you Kim, I'm sure readers will enjoy your musings. The original blades for this fan would have been brass, a good dating profile and I am currently seeking out a correct blade-set for this fan. The usual brass motor tag was attached to a steel band with rivets on the later swivel frame models. What's neat about my fan is my Mom's great grandmother purchased this fan new. The five speeds put these models in the running for favorite fan.

Early Electric Fans

Runs and oscillates well on the three different speeds. Pure eye candy and a definite contender. There is enough wire sticking out to put my clip lead on to test the fan which started up right away. Fan is all original other than the newer power cord. The off escutcheon is screwed on in smile position.

Fred, was that fan with the dented loop on ebay last week? They are long ago sold out and, with a good demand for pancake switches, I think you will see some available in the next year. The fan shown here has wide, soft dating resultat deep pitched overlapping blades.

It uses Emerson's unique hollow stationary shaft single bearing. Here is a thread on our Antique Fan Collectors Association forum that should be of help to you and your pancake. Late models have a half ribbed base and the eight wire cages and stamped brass blade hubs start to show up.

Are these two fans same month, week or even day? On the other hand, I do have quite a few more fans than would really be required for the summer season, and I have bought fans that do not work simply to have them. Hunter fans made before will say Fulton, N. The original box is included, the top has been torn off. The very bottom rim of the base is much narrower than on the fully ribbed base models.

Early Electric Fans

Other visual cues are about the same as the previous year. Several screws to hold on the base plate are missing or incorrect. The brass identification plate is mounted on the base, just below the switch. This fan has not been restored or repainted and appears to be in nearly new condition. The unique blades on this fan are called Parker blades, after Herbert L Parker, who invented them.

Antique and Vintage Fans

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