How to Date a Stoner When You Don t Smoke Weed

Dating a guy who smokes weed, it s totally possible and sometimes totally awesome

As long as she's still living. Whats the difference between taking a break and breaking up? There are a lot of alcoholics. What's fun and right to one, speed dating joensuu isn't to another.

You have to have some kind of open mindedness and interest for it. We do stuff like watch a movie, take a bath together, have sex or just lay down in bed. To keep myself calm and to make sure i keep my head to my work.

It also doesn't necessarily make you de'stressed, it can just as easily make you paranoid. His self worth is lacking and you need to move on. Do you really want to come out from his apartment smelling like burnt rope?

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Well I am dating one now, as long as it's just weed and not on a regular basis it's fine. Related Questions Dating guys who smoke weed? Here, eight readers light up the highs and lows of dating in the stoned age. Is it bad to date a guy who smokes weed and drinks a lot?

Even though I liked high sex, I think it's more important to enjoy sex with your partner sober because you're more focused on each other's needs, rather than just being horny because you're high. You should look up Joe Rogan and Woody Harrelson. It helps us turn our brains off from that mode.

Even though I've never used it myself, I'm Dutch. Your reasons seem very black and white, yet people are often very gray. Maybe only if it's for medicinal purposes. So why are you wasting your time on all of this?

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How to Date a Stoner When You Don t Smoke Weed

Rightness isn't in any way an opposite of the practice either. And ofcourse if you smoke to much then your to lazy to do anything like you see most stoned people in videos. We all deserve somebody to love as Queen sang, but my preference is for a healthy counterpart. Apparently it wasn't as big of a deal as I thought. It's too sweet in my opinion.

It is nothing like alcohol. GnarCute you're just mean dude. While on the other hand most people who smoke live high and get cranky and obsessive if they dont smoke every day. He's totally supportive and actually very helpful.

How to Date a Stoner When You Don t Smoke Weed

Very unattractive to be brainwashed and proud of it. Two men who use marijuana daily, and are vocal advocates for its use and legalization. Because all the so called morals you're spouting, latvian dating are from religions created by men solely for the purpose of keeping men in charge!

Dating a guy who smokes weed

What's wrong with fun driven people? You really want to stay and make this work and help him? You clearly have no experience and you haven't researched at all.

Finally, weed doesn't mean that you are driven by fun. You might accidentally eat a pot brownie. But if she's just smoking here and there or even smoking daily, with edibles once in awhile.

We'll be just fine without your kind around. He's totally out of it and quiet, and his breath and saliva taste really different and not appealing. It doesn't make me delusional though we can't prove we aren't all just being delusional every moment of our lives. Don't get me wrong I love a blunt but tops weekly for them. And what bothers me most is no one questions the man-made pills that caused her illness, but people look at cannabis with a suspect eye.

Dating a guy who smokes weed And you don t

  1. You should not attempt to get high for the first time without an experienced person present.
  2. Sort Girls First Guys First.
  3. Just keep in mind that, much as almost everyone else, your preferences don't have much influence on other people's preferences - although, whoever influenced your preferences might.
  4. The way dating is today, the girl can be the aggressive one, going after the guy.
  5. People drink to have an excuse to do stupid things.
  6. If you don't want to hang out with users, fine.

9 Reasons Why A Girl Who Smokes Weed Makes The Perfect Girlfriend

You'd also know marijuana doesn't shut down the brain. You also don't hear people drinking alcohol for medical purposes because there are no medical purposes with alcohol other than disinfecting a wound. You tend to hang out and make friends with like-minded people. However, how do you deal with this? They don't like their own mind and wants to dull it with alcohol.

So i do have a reason for it. If he truly loves you, he'll quit to help further your relationship. The other point here is do you want a person with a persistent medical condition? Yeah you don't want to see people use it chronically. Look at those downvotes pouring in haha.

Would you date someone who smokes weed

Should i still date a guy that smokes weed and takes pain killers? If you didn't know he smokes weed then you should address that as well as the health issue. Well, if you knew he smoke weed whe you guys first met then you should have thought of this some time ago. Alcohol does worse things to your Brian while drunk than weed ever could.

My answer would have been a no until I fell in love with one, despite of it. You're a greedy social climber. Yes, unless she thinks it makes her cool or calls herself a stoner or such. My friends always said having sex while high on weed was so good that you shouldn't do it, because you wouldn't enjoy sober sex as much. Can a couple survive when only one is a pothead?

Also, are you implying there is something wrong with smoking weed? Your list clearly shows you know nothing about it. Any other kind of drugs in any amount would be an instant deal breaker. That is your choice and you should have standards on who you date. That's hilarious coming from a religious zealot!

What Smoking Weed Can Do To Your Relationship

  • Just because your knowledge and experience is grossly limited, that doesn't mean you can characterize every user in a negative way to justify your ignorance and prejudice.
  • We all get them eventually but I'm trying to find someone who is healthy and to be healthy for the other person so we can enjoy each other before we fall apart.
  • Stardusst Why wowuld I need weed?

When I smoke, I get very relaxed and super horny. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Because your points describes alcohol much more than they describe weed.

8 Brutal Truths About Dating (And Living With) A Pothead

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Lmao, no really, it never happened. Here are a few pros and cons to consider when you can't decide if weed usage is a dealbreaker or not. That's why some people can even go to psychosis when they smoke.

It s totally possible and sometimes totally awesome

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