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What do you think is the scariest scenario? Crash Team Racing was praised by critics for its gameplay and graphics, though the audio was met with mixed opinions. During the races, offensive and speed boosting power ups can be used to gain an advantage. Sony Computer Entertainment.

But before getting any of these racers, You should finish the primary levels. There can be more than one opponent at the races too.

Characters of Crash Bandicoot. Crash Team Racing North American box art. The game's story focuses on the efforts of a ragtag team of characters in the Crash Bandicoot series, dooba dooba rehta hoon original mp3 who must race against the egomaniacal Nitros Oxide to save their planet from destruction.

There are many characters to choose. The longer the player is in the air, the bigger the speed boost will be when the kart lands.

Click here to cancel reply. Players can use many items at the races. If the player collects four tokens of the same color, the player will be able to access the Gem Cup of the corresponding color. Oxide much bigger problem for you.

Alaska this game is only for people whoa are able to read. Development of Crash Team Racing started with block headed characters with no Crash or otherwise related personalities. Official PlayStation Magazine U. Last one across the finish line is a rotten brain! Now I have to go back to the planet Gasmoxia a complete loser!

Universal Interactive Studios. The difficulty of the race and number of laps can be customized.

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Here'sss a key for the win. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames.

Well, now you'll sssssee why I'm the most feared driver on the cccccircuit. Nitros Oxide went back to the planet Gasmoxia a broken alien.

Much like Crash Bandicoot N. Like Crash, his kart is an all-round performer. Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Purple. Nobody wants Nitro, it is literally Mario Kart. Crash Team Racing is a racing game in which the player controls characters from the Crash Bandicoot universe, most of whom compete in karts.

The game that made kart racing cool. After losing once more, Oxide keeps his word and angrily leaves Earth forever. In the game, players can take control of one of fifteen Crash Bandicoot series characters, though only eight are available at first. Sir, I have download, But the file predict pass word where is the password kindly send the password. Crash Team Racing the the ultimate kart racer.

The inhabitants of Earth are visited by an extraterrestrial named Nitros Oxide, who claims to be the fastest racer in the galaxy. Quest of the Dragon Return of the Legend. Are you crazy enough to race me? Tiny Tiger and Dingodile control karts built for top speed at the cost of turning prowess. It means that you can choose freely among the racers.

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You are fast for be so small. The game's controls were well received. If one of these cups is won, a Gem is awarded.


Crash Team Racing is the fourth installment in the Crash Bandicoot series. This won't be the last time you'll face Nitros Oxide. Papu much tired of watching puny slugs race so slow. The game could have had original characters in case the deal did not come through. So, you's beaten me fair and square.

This is one of the greatest versions of Crash Bandicoot franchise. Video games portal s portal. If Earth's driver wins, he promises to leave Earth alone, but if Oxide wins, he will turn Earth into a concrete parking lot and enslave the Earthlings. Upon Oxide's defeat at the hands of the player character, he temporarily leaves Earth, but promises that he will return when all of the Time Relics have been gathered. Interactive Operation Genesis.

Tropy began tinkering with his time machine hobby again. Clone View Profile View Posts. Spyro and Crash are coming to Steam. Just, we need to be patient. Universal Interactive games.

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Papu want in action, to lay boom down big and prove Papu is world's best driver. Choose your character to enter the first match of the game. The player with the most lives at the end of the time limit wins.

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Why does nobody want Crash Tag Team racing with the story and races? At least you still haven't gathered all my Time Relics. You're not so slow after all. If all of the Time Crates are destroyed, the player's final time is reduced by ten seconds.

There is a story mode for Crash Team Racing. After undergoing years of therapy to cope with his loss, he takes up unicycle -racing, only to get into a gruesome accident.

So, you pesky Earth slugs like to race, eh? Nitros Oxide himself returns to his home planet of Gasmoxia and secludes himself from society. You should get to the finishing line before you lose the time.