Can you have two thermostats on one furnace

Can i hook up two thermostats to one furnace, these hometalkers need your help

The Sebring has two thermostats. There are a wide variety of companies that manufacture wireless thermostats. There may be more terminals and if you have a heat pump there would be more connections. What you probably want to get is a zone control system. Originally Posted by tomwk.

If I attach all these to the new thermostat, where do I attach the ones off the central air unit? All engines have just one thermostat. If they are not adj, you can either get them or be creative to block some of the heat coming out. When I burn the fire place, the main floor heats up and the lower floor gets colder than crap.

2 thermostats for 1 furnace and ac unit

Can you have two thermostats on one furnace

It can be done, dating for ugly but its tricky assuring your wires are connected to the correct side of each transformer as this makes a big difference depending upon how each system is wired. The best bet would be to go back to the place you bought them and ask what they sold you and why. Where can one purchase White Rodgers thermostats?

Can you have two thermostats on one furnace

Mercury is found in some older home furnace thermostats. Where can one purchase a gas furnace? Thread Tools Show Printable Version. And then turns the first floor stat to heat and turns it up. If you have an A coil above your furnace then you are typically using the furnace fan for cooling.

2 thermostats into 1

Setting the furnace temperature higher will result in increased operating cost, as heat is lost through air leaks and radiation, especially when the temperatures outside are low and when it is windy. Are ther two thermostats on a Nissan pickup? How do I build a deck out of pallets?

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What are two companies that manufacture at least one model of wireless thermostat? How do you smelt iron ore in runescape? Answer, make an interesting dating profile to keep the lower floor warm!

Can i hook up two thermostats to one furnace
Why hook up two thermostats to one gas furnace

When heat is needed, it opens the baffle while calling for heat - when heat isn't needed it closes the baffle. Either just install the stat on the second floor. Your furnace blows but will not fire up? You can use any number of thermostats on the system. How do you know if the thermo coupling on your gas furnace is bad?

These Hometalkers need your help

2 thermostats into 1
  1. Hook up power if required.
  2. What is the auxilliary limit switch on a evcon gas furnace?
  3. Where can free online production and operation management help to solve quantitative problems be found?
  4. Why go through all the headache?
  5. If the basement thermostat calls for heat, the heat will be delivered to the whole house.
Can i hook up two thermostats to one furnace

Why will the gas furnace burner not light up even though the pilot light is on? The red wire comes from the transformer in the furnace up to the thermostat. This will take a lot of man-hours, fabrication, engineering, and parts. Of course If the flue is sized properly. Most likely the pressure switch, high limit or transformer may be faulty.

How can I move an outdoor water faucet? Custom Filters release announcement. What do line voltage thermostats have that low voltage thermostats don't? Is furnace a syllable word? Zoned the kitchen from the living room.

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Why not just go ahead and zone it? How do you install heating thermostat only for furnace? White Rodgers make programmable thermostats for the home.

Does Walmart have thermostats? All cars have only one thermostat. Is your heating unit separate from your cooling unit? When is a category one used in a gas furnace?

Why does your furnace circulate hot water through baseboard elements when the thermostats are not calling for heat? Or see if someone could do a two zone job with dampers. No, it isn't a fun experience.

Can i hook up two thermostats to one furnace

Contractor locator map How-to-apply-for-Professional How many times must one fix something before it is fixed? Itrelay depends on how old the furnace is modern units have a computer chip that controls the unit as older ones do not. Heat-only thermostats can be obtained from home centers such as Lowes or Home Depot. You won't be able to heat your basement and upstairs separately simply by adding a thermostat. Does a Chrysler Concorde have two thermostats?

In traditional heating and cooling systems the R ed wire comes up to the thermostat which like before is the power from the transformer. The temperature should be set according to your comfort preferences. How can I hang up my garden hose? The thermocouple tells the gas valve to supply gas to the burners.

  • Specially when someone forgets the second floor stat could be calling in spring.
  • You need to be a bit more specific in your question.
  • However this is not always the case, so beware, do not try to connect these colored wires to the color letter.
  • If you have electric baseboard heat the thermostats may be high voltage, be sure that your systems have a low voltage control system before attempting to wire.
  • You could probably wire two up, but as tester mentioned, it won't really help with your problem.

This is a good answer too but mac specifically addressed my concerns, I'm going to try the second thermostat and if it doesn't improve the situation, I'll think about adding zones and baffles. The tube is moved by a wound bi-metallic strip that coils or uncoils as the temperature changes. Where might one look to find electronic furnace prices?

What do captain hook and blackbeard have in common? Hook up flue, if one is directed to on the installation instructions, some units require no flue. Can you wire two thermostats for one furnace? Traditional thermostats use a sealed glass tube with a bubble of mercury as the low-voltage switch to activate the furnace relay switch. The thermostat that is set higher will turn the system on if two thermostats are wired in parallel.

There is no actual zoning in the ductwork. Why does your dad's gas flame and or pilot light go out when the side door gets closed? All words have at least one syllable. How can I build outdoor seating using cinder blocks and timbers? One place to look is at a home appliance store, you should such as Lowes or Sears.

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