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Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart! Cool website you have, Kevin! Book and manage your driving test. Seriously worth evry cent.

Everyone should do these mock tests, and learn from the questions they got wrong, remembering the correct answer next time! Hopefully will be first attempt also. Thank you soooo much Singporetests. It was my first try and I thank you so much. Kudos for developing this site!

Basic Theory Test Free BTT Final Theory Test FTT singapore driving

Keep your feedback coming in and let us know what do you think of this new feature. It's worth the money for paying this engine! So once again, thank u so much.

Check you're allowed to drive. Sien - Wonderful website you got here! Almost on the verge of giving up. Just a tip to everyone, when you keep making mistakes on the same topics, go back and take notes to understand. Cheers Guys keep the good work going!

The questions in tis site reali helps mi alot as i kip practicing everyday. You need a provisional driving licence to take lessons or practice. This website really do wonders!

We have around questions for both of these two tests now. And wasn't sincere in memorising it. Wonderful because in this test engine, I have notice that they are covering all traffic rules and regulations?

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Once again thank you very much. Amazingly, I spotted most of the questions as they appeared in my test. Its definitely a sure pass! Glad that your website help me with a low cost!

Before you start

Before you start

Have informed my friends who wish to take their theory tests about this wonderful website. This site is really great! The question are a lot tougher than the actual one.

Highly recommended indeed! To be honest, there was not a single question which I was unsure of. We try to keep them simple, sharp and to the point, however omissions could still exist, if you noticed any irrelevant points or mistakes, do bring them up. And the marvellous things is almost all question i've done here came out during the exams. Both me and my husband passed our Final Theory today.

And I'm glad that I've found this site earlier before my test date to help me prepare for the tests. Not even studied from the book, just by doing the question here enough to make me pass already. You need a provisional driving licence to book your theory test.

The same applies to the final and basic practice test engine, your missed or flagged questions will be saved. Once a basic theory test session or final theory test session is saved, you may come back, sachin tendulkar photo resume it and continue the practice from where you have left. Learning and practicing of Singapore driving basic theory test and final theory test anywhere anytime at your convenience.

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Basic Theory Test Free BTT Final Theory Test FTT singapore driving

This site was very useful. Really wish gt test engine on practical test too. Once again your website proven and like what I said before it's really State-Of-The-Art way of learning. We took the test tonight and both passed so your site proved very helpful. This is a recommended website and it's cheap!

Bloody hell, this site really keep up to their word. When I reached the room I wasn't stressed at all but was very confidence instead! Realy is a woderful website n useful for me to practice!

Thank you for your feedback. Practised one day from your test questions and managed to pass. Really awesome job to your team! Finally can just focused on practical driving now! So it was very easy for me to pass the exam.

Couldn't have passed my both theory test without this website! Driving lessons and practice.

You are really a great help to me and i will definitely recommend to my friends! This site is very helpful. Yes, we are working on it.

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Without touching the theory book at all, I passed all the tests the first time! Just wanted to say thank you very much! Definitely recommending to my friends, without a doubt!

Get a provisional licence. It is really useful and without a doubt is the top site for passing your tests. The questions is similiar to the original test. Thank You for the amazing information.

It will show you how you have performed in each driving knowledge area, and which are the theory topics you may need to put some more efforts in. Theory test revision and practice Take a practice theory test Theory and hazard perception test app. An excellent site for the test preparation. When i did all questions in the test engine, i had around mistakes but when re-doing, i got almost full marks for it.