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The Pongal related images listed here are related to nature, the sun god, and harvesting. Pongal Festival fusion If you want to go traditional, then play this fusion of some of the best folk songs related to Pongal. Tasty Paneer Pudding Recipe.

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Moreover, it has the power to be exquisitely delicate or wildly noisy- ranging from the sound of the heartbeat to a horrific war cry. It has got one of the most meaning lyrics as well. Even in this song, the message is loud and clear- Never give up. Prakash, Anuradha Sriram, Sujatha Mohan. The main hero of this song is none other than Rahman and the lyricist Vairamuthu.

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The Android app is already used by millions of people the world over for its amazing features. The excellent string section provides all the much-needed ingredients to make this song a superhit composition. Ovvoru Pookalume Solkirathey. Happy Pongal The website is solely dedicated to Thai Pongal and has tons of material that you can use. Rahman has deftly used string sections and acoustic drums and this has immediately made it universal in its appeal.

Yesudas, the song encourages the listener to strive hard in life without compromising on values and principles. This Pongal, have a great time with your loved ones while grooving at these tracks. Yetramunna Yetram This is another timeless track that is loved by people of all generations. Mahadevan and lyrics by the King of Poets, Kannadasan. In conclusion, this song is a harmonious marriage between inspirational lines and hypnotizing music.

Arasilankumari Songs

It has thoughtful lyrics and was originally a soundtrack of the movie Arasilankumari. This song is one among many countless songs penned by Kannadasan appealing to the masses, not to lose hope at any cost. Adi Raakkaayee If you are a fan of classical songs, guitar hero android then this track will be your go-to song this Pongal.

Rahman, the magic woven by Rahman is something beyond normal human comprehension. Thai Pongal is associated with other festivals like Makar Sankranti, Uttarayan, Maghi, and Bihu that are celebrated in other parts of the country. Hey Achcham Achcham Illai.

The debut movie of musical stalwart A. The chorus section does its job to perfection, creating a symphonic kind of feel right throughout the song. The website is solely dedicated to Thai Pongal and has tons of material that you can use. Even though it is native to Tamil Nadu, it is celebrated in other parts of the country as well. Balasubrahmanyam have produced unbeatable magic with their musical prowess.

Nalla Nalla Nilam When it comes to Pongal music, classics are definitely an ideal choice. The song talks about the countless possibilities and opportunities awarded to us by mother nature. Harris Jayaraj is one of the leading South Indian film music composers who has created a separate niche for himself in the film industry.

Pongalo Pongal Pongalo Pongal is one of the most played songs during the festive season. The website has some of the most thoughtful Pongal images that you can get. Freepik has got lots of freely available vectors regarding Pongal that you can use. The music was composed by K.

Mgr Thirudathe Papa Thirudathe Thirudathe

In other words, motivational songs are those songs that raise your hope, lift your spirits even when you feel let down. Settings Change Avatar Logout. Thai Pongal is one of the biggest harvest festivals of South India.

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These images are also listed for free and can be used for non-commercial purposes without any trouble. Like the sense of smell, music is God's gift to mankind. Rich flute interludes combined with a nice solid tabla in the background adds more life to the composition.

Moreover, over the years, there are various inspiring motivational songs from the most renowned Indian composers. The subtle variations in the song backed by a rocking electronic synth music create a delightful feel everytime one listens to this song. As the name suggests, the website features images in high-definition. Vijay hits the bull eye with this song, giving us one of the best work in his career so far.

Their collection might be limited, but it is certainly worth a visit. The song is composed in the Carnatic raga Sindhu Bhairavi by the composer Bharathwaj. Swaggy Images Swaggy Images has a dedicated section for Pongal. Still fresh in the minds of moviegoers, the music of this film was composed by the legendary composer of yesteryear cinema, G. This song was penned by Pa.

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Music is the essence of all creations, and it exists in each one of us. The song shines in totality, without any doubt for the soulful singing by the composer himself and for the inspirational lyrics.

Part 1. 10 Best HD Pongal Pictures and Greetings

It stimulates us, soothes us, and at times even commands us. Thaaraa Avar Varuvaaraa lyrics. When we talk about Illayaraja Tamil hit songs, the duo of Illayaraaja and S. Kadavul ennum Be sure to end the celebrations with this classic hit track and involve everyone in your family during the festive dance. The song is a bit more on a melodious scale, like a gushing river, crisscrossing various ragas along the way.

This year, you can wish your loved ones a prosperous Pongal by sending them attractive greetings. Swaggy Images has a dedicated section for Pongal. This song is a soulful melody rendered beautifully in the mellifluous voice of accomplished playback singer K.

Pattukkottai Kalyanasundaram. Old is Gold, do you need any more evidence? Ellappugazhum Oruvan Oruvanukke. The songs start with a feel-good string section with the guitar leading the way.

Known for his uncanny ability to come up with words even for the most difficult music notations, Valli was a class apart. With deep powerful lyrics inspiring the listeners to achieve much more in life, it is a clarion call to shed all the insecurities and proceed forward. The backing chorus has done a commendable job arousing a sense of patriotism and nationalism all throughout the song. It is from the movie, Annakkili.