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Lyrics are written beautifully, the meaning is my lips are writing a love letter as follows love comes as cool wind and touches my cheeks, this love stands forever. So, Irendri takes away Priya and imprisons her. So, Irendri sends her men to capture Moksha. Chirugalai vachhedhevaro Cheli champa gichhedhevaro Chirakaalam nilichedhevaro evaro vaarevaro Kalalaaga vacchedhevaro Aracheyi pattedhevaro Anuraagam panchedhevaro evaro vaarevaro. The box office performance is a question mark.

At this juncture, the sarpa sakti tells Irendri that Moksha's blood would make her invincible if it was taken by her on lunar eclipse day. However, Sudigundam makes a stealth attack, ties Yodha's hands, and sets afire the entire village. Progressive Avocado Slicer.

She hails from the family of magical witches and seeks immortality. But Yodha kills all of them. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Shruti Haasan looks fresh, beautiful, seductive and sensuous. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

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Siddarth is a mismatch to the role. Her mentor reveals about a girl Moksha Baby Harshitha who has a divine power in her and drinking her blood would be the solution. Ravi Babu looked silly, Ali brought few smiles, Brahmi looks dumb, Subbaraya Sharma has a guest role, Tanikella was brief, the others did their bit as required.

It is hard to find out the backdrop- Caribbean or Arabian or Siberian or Indian? The decorum given for Lakshmi Manchu was good but given that packing, any person would fit the bill easily. He has failed in all skills department.

There is a fluctuation in the grammar, sometimes it is authentic, sometimes it becomes colloquial. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. Yodha prevents him and defeats him in a fight. Premalekha raasene ila pedhaalu Prema laali korene ila kshanaalu Prema lothu cherene prathi praanaalu Ee haayi yetu pothundho.

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Evarante nee venta nenele Nenante niluvella neevele Neevante thanuvella premele Preminche velayyindho. Overall, the film has got some breathing moments only due to the presence of the visual effects and graphics. However, she must remember that if she continues picking up roles like this, her career will not last for long.

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Chirugalai vachhedhevaro Cheli champa gichhedhevaro Chirakaalam nilichedhevaro evaro vaarevaro. Now about Siddharth- In the previous movies of Siddharth looking a lover boy only but, in this movie he looks more a warrior from Chinese movies, He is looking just a warrior. However, he tried to do his best so efforts were good though result was bad.

Premalekha raasene ila pedhaalu Prema rekha dhaatene ila padhaalu Prema keka vesene ila praayaalu Ee maaya yem chesthundho. It looks as if he was focusing on the surroundings and the colorful settings rather than the main plot and the depth it must have. Before she was destroyed, Irendri takes her soul away and traps it in a locket. Shooting began in October and took place across India, whilst scenes were also shot in Turkey.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Irendri sends her troops to get Moksha but her bodyguard Yodha Siddarth the blind warrior stands as protection. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. The sarpa sakthi power of the serpents tells her that she could gain power with a drop of Priya's blood.

On the other hand, Yodha has got his love tale with Priya Shruti Haasan and assumes she is dead. This is romantic beautiful song and shruti hassan looks stunning in this song.

Lakshmi Manchu is the saving grace for the film. She emulated him in a few scenes with her walk and dialogue. Premalekha raasene ila pedaalu Prema laali korene ila kshanaalu Prema lothu cherene prathi praanaalu Ee haayi yetu pothundho. Ram Vallabhaneni seems to have come through recommendation. Nothing worked in this movie from start till end.

Yodha follows them in search of Moksha, finds Priya alive, and saves Moksha and Priya. Ad Blocker Detected Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Irendri again sends Sudigundam, the commander-in-chief, to bring her. Her grandeur and decoration in appearance makes up for any drawbacks and she has given a decent performance given her debut in Tollywood. Bubble Chiller - Assorted Colors.

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Cinematography was just average, dialogues, screenplay were amateur. During the production stage, Disney agreed to co-produce with Raghavendra Rao's home banner, a Bellyful of Dreams Entertainment, marking the first South Indian production by Disney. What happens from there forms the rest of the story. This is one of its kind and the first time in Tollywood.

Once Upon a Warrior is a Indian Telugu fantasy-adventure film directed by debutant Prakash Kovelamudi in his first mainstream film. Druki, Yodha, and Moksha start from Pushpagiri and reach Agartha.

Yodha decides to completely destroy Irendri as she is trying to harm people and succeeds in the climax. However, there is a connect between Irendri and Priya. Though she dies, her soul lives in the locket. Yodha Siddharth is a travelling swordsman who always romances women whenever there is opportunity. While the first half is mild, things show improvement in the second half but that is purely because of the visual appeal and since there are not many words spoken.

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Anaganaga O Dheerudu Theatrical poster. Songs oka padam racha song download oka oorilo telugu movie songs free anaganaga o dheerudu songs free. Meanwhile, Yodha turns blind as Sudigundam pierces his eyes. For starters, the story must be strong, if it is not then the narrative must be strong, android 4.0 apps for mobile if that is not then atleast the etching of the characters must be convincing.

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