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The program itself was surprisingly simple to use since the first load. And last but not least, do your deliveries on time, and don't break the fine china in hard landings or bumpy takeoffs! From Miami on the east coast of Florida to the federal capital of Berlin, there are no limits. Make sure you are aware of the operational limitations of your aircraft in terms of weight, fuel burn, and range. To run the program correctly, you must first load Air Hauler, choose settings, flights, etc.

Air Hauler 2 Add-On

Make your own fortune trading between airports! Available as instant download. See the Detailed Description section below for more information! Just Flight - Cargo Pilot. Real Color Bundle for Tower!

After accepting the job you have to make sure you can make the range where the city is the weight of the cargo, make sure the runways are long enough, and if necessary plan a layover to fuel up. Getting a random list of cargo runs available gives you a great opportunity to fly to strange, new places and leave the repetitive task of always flying to the same destinations. To category Simulation Games.

This should take around five minutes and after all the scenery and planes are synced you should be good to go. Humanitarian missions - respond to real-world disasters by manufacturing and delivering relief supplies to local airports. Installation time depending on your system should not take more than five minutes. All with their ups and downs, and in case you hire the cheaper more inexperienced pilots you can also insure you fleet.

Get to know our flight simulators! Do take note that when you run the software the first time it will need to sync with the scenery and airplanes you have on your system.

Air Hauler 2

This product has two ways it can be obtained. As you get your company set up you are able to choose a variety of startup scenarios that you can change as you go. Product key information is mailed instantaneously and the installation is a breeze.

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Air Hauler 1 General Discussion

Mega Airport Madrid Evolution. Canary Islands professional - La Gomera.

As the pilot charged with delivering the goods or passengers on time, you can decide to fly a job in multiple legs, or stop anywhere en route for refuelling or maintenance. The program gets real life fuel prices, and keeps track of the stock market in case you want to try your luck at Wall Street with your hard earned money. Highs - The program does a great job at giving people like me a new choice and trying something totally different. The setup of the simulation is also very complete.

To category Train Simulation. Take out insurance if you think the part-time pilots you've hired might let you down when you can least afford it. Conington Airfield Add-On.

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You can purchase an aircraft, lease it, or buy it used. Like I said earlier take care of your company's reputation since that affects everything in the game. You start off by naming your cargo company, and then choosing your first base of operations.

Just Flight - Air Hauler 2

Fly jobs between bases, buy or lease aircraft and create your own virtual airline. With a realistic sound pack and various animations, the Gulfhawk is a must-have addition for your add-on collection! The traditional download which you can do directly from the Pilot Shop or you can order the boxed version.

The program also did a great job at integrating most of the payware aircraft and making them available for you to lease or buy from the Air Hauler command center. Well Air Hauler apparently does not share that opinion because the most lucrative cargo contracts which will be fine crystals and handle with care cargo come with their challenges. What I most enjoyed about Air Hauler and was one of the main reasons for wanting to try this product was the way the jobs are managed.

To category Flight Simulation. Whether as a construction worker in the excavator, as a farmer in the tractor or as a captain on your own ship - slip into different roles and test your skills. Click here to return to the main page. Trade commodities for delivery on your cargo routes, and open manufacturing plants and factories at your bases to create parts for manufacture into more precious commodities. The world of simulations is great!

Trade cargo commodities, open factories at your airports and buy parts - the possibilities really are endless! Obviously this never happened to yours truly but it is there haunting you on takeoff and landing.

Thank you for visiting our site. There is a skill tree which has five different tracks with individual skills in each and these can be unlocked by spending points. Create your regular passenger routes and look out for special humanitarian missions. With these and many more simulations, sim 3 expansion packs you will be able to experience the daily life of our everyday heroes.

It might have been better if it depended on a mixture of other areas to distribute the weight better. The Verdict - The developer has given us a great option for those looking for things other than the usual airline flight. Accept and fly jobs from the Global Job Board and compete with other airlines for the best hauls.

All in all the game has many features that go way beyond just flying an airplane which I think is the purpose of these types of programs. The difficulty of the game really depends on how adverse your conditions are on startup, other than that game play is the same for everybody. Missions - take missions from new contacts you meet as you travel to new airports and destinations.

When I mention real I mean I like to see the ramp agent giving directions while taxiing to the gate, I like to hear all cabin announcements, checklists, and the whole deal. News Fire Fighting Police. Lows - Too much emphasis is given to the reputation rating, it is very easy to lose points in this area and the damage can be tremendous.

Navigate the most imposing locomotives through picturesque landscapes and cities. If you made the correct calculations regarding weights, runway lengths, and fuel burn you should be able to have an uneventful flight.