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Would she never want to speak to me again? He had also taken his own cock out and was slowly massaging the large swollen head.

In a split second both men were beside her, pinning her on her back and aiming their large weapons at her face. Never had I seen her so abandoned to her lust, sulfiting agents fdating never so wanton.

As she moved onto the boat her foot slipped on the deck and she stumbled. Then everything seemed to happen at once. For her part, Cathy looked exhausted. As I searched for some recognition of the situation in her eyes, Her answer slowly became apparent.

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My business dealings had brought me to this area on several occasions. As Coop and I masturbated each other, we watched his son's fuck my wife. Below decks the air was cool and still.

When Fin withdrew his big dick from her soaked pussy, James slammed his tool into her ass, ensuring that there was never a moment when she was empty of cock. Fin groaned deeply as Cathy's tongue slipped out from between her lips and licked the tip of his throbbing tool. After a few minutes of frantic jerking and tugging - with Cathy massaging two sets of heavy balls - She emerged from between the two coloured men into a sitting position. They both seemed to cum together - another clue that they were well practised in this art - thick streams of white fluid leaping from twitching cocks to land on Cathy's tanned skin.

There were several small windows that overlooked the deck and I was trying to find the one that gave me the best vantage point. He was not quite as large as his brother, I saw, but he was well above average nonetheless. This extra stimulation was more than I could cope with and, holding my breath for a moment, ejaculated thickly just as James began to work his tool into Cathy's bottom. The vacation started well.

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Her legs lay spread open and limp on the deck revealing a very wet and open pussy and an abused looking asshole. James thrust hard into her ass and Fin rammed her pussy at the same time. Her eyes were still closed but her hand was frantically searching for something.

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Cathy boarded first, helped by Fin. Coop could see my hesitation and laughed. Even in my drunken state, though, I knew Cathy would not let me anywhere near her - she had made that quite clear on many occasions - but how would she feel about the two Jamaicans? She still had her eyes closed as the climax washed over her body, but as Fin's hot flesh touched her cheek, she became instantly aware of its presence.

By the time we had finished the second bottle of wine I was as horny as hell and I wanted to fuck! He grasped her head and tried to pull her closer, but as wide as she opened her mouth, she could only fit about four inches of his meat inside. As we watched, Coop swelled in my hand. Fin and James seemed more than eager to comply. Cathy was a beautiful woman and I didn't want to lose her over a brief flirtation with Pippa.