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Musik has separate pages for events and video galleries, and offers color customization for the logo, header and music player. As you'd expect, the theme is responsive out of the box and comes with five default skins for the user to choose from including light, classical and pastel variations. Each has subtle differences that may suit your particular needs. Several sweet scrolling and rollover animation effects make Clubix even more appealing. So we have to take demands like fairly easy to learn and work with, without too much web experience into consideration, as well as easy to pass on from one webmaster to the next.

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Out of the box, this theme offers seven different templates depending on your role within the music industry. But the website needs to get up to get a snappy update and a bit more professional touch.

In both of these regards, Slide certainly hits a high note. It should certainly make your shortlist! And not in a good, Jerry Goldsmith way.

New Morning Edition theme aspires to be inclusive and inviting

The theme options panel is up to date and easy to navigate, coming with advanced typography and coloring options. Opening the event itself reveals a huge custom poster image, and you can embed photos, videos, and an audio player into each event. The overall effect is impressive. The latter in particular is ideal for record labels and management companies.

Some themes only focus on one or two aspects, forcing you to supplement your website with third-party plugins. Aside from the slider, the demo layouts are simple and basic, but can be tweaked using the bundled Visual Composer plugin.

Of course, your site has to look good too. You can easily build a multilingual site with this theme without the need of any extra plugins. Soundboard comes with a comprehensive interlinked system to manage your albums, events, and tour dates. If you like curating an event rather than just a putting on a gig, this will be right up your street.

New Morning Edition theme aspires to be inclusive and inviting

History of Public Broadcasting. The discography pages are pretty slick too, with the cover art fading into view on the selection screen, and the individual pages showcasing your tracks with a near full screen header. Noisa goes straight to the top of the charts. With Superstar your music is heard straight away with a sticky header that displays a site-wide audio player that links to your SoundCloud playlist, keeping your music in one place.

Whether you need to tell your audience about your latest release, an upcoming event, or showcase your images and videos, you can do so easily with five custom post types. In the modern age, they both use visuals to make a strong first impression. This is what branding is all about.

There is a perpetual updates feature to ensure that your site stays live without any work on your part. We recommend looking into its feature set more deeply. You can easily adjust and use all of them in your own projects. With that in mind, Lucille includes four demo templates, with more on the way.

Nightclub enables visitors to see social media updates across multiple platforms and find your next event. The same can be said for your website. Landing pages are a breeze to create as well.

More skins are expected with future updates. You can also manage the retail side completely within your WordPress back-end. The new Morning Edition music debuted Monday. Kentha could be the theme to help you do just that.

The music on your website is important, but just as important is cultivating your image and getting people to click that all important Buy Now button. Replay takes on a very modern look. It holds functionality that includes gig management, discography, video support, galleries, and much more. If your focus is more on the event rather than the artists involved, Nightclub is the theme for you. The built-in audio player not only displays cover art, but also includes the option to display a Buy Now link right next to the Play button.

With the theme set up to favor single-page layouts, this isn't likely to be an issue however. Its impressive slider and slick home page layout will make your website pop. It also offers WooCommerce support, so you can sell your merchandise straight from your site. No form, focus or conclusion. It's a great effect that will help your visitors stay on track and browse efficiently.

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On a website, there's virtually no reason for a slide to unlock feature, which could possibly lead to decreased user engagement and a high bounce rate. Your email address will not be published.

When setting header images, Twotone enables you to define one site-wide image, custom images for each page, or random images. Full-width and retina ready, Oscillator enables you to make your upcoming events a priority to your audience. Two custom post types enable you to add events and your discography, corporates-bold font and the resulting pages will look both clear and easy to read.

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Overall, Kentha is a promising theme for musicians with a desire to sell their work. This theme has all of the features that a band would need already included. Most of the themes on this list cater to musicians.

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However, where Kentha really shines is in its e-commerce capabilities. The theme helps you to connect with your visitors by allowing you to send out very specific details of your next tour, complete with venue information and maps. Unlike Obsidian, Twotone places the site-wide audio player within the header.

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If you go for the one page structure, you can reorder the sequence of the page sections using the same interface WordPress uses to build navigational menus. The real treasure, however, lies in this theme's functionality and capabilities. For example, you could stick with a tried-and-trusted structure, or make a recent music video front and center.

Large white typography complements the dark shades of the background. You can add a Facebook page widget and a Twitter stream widget with minimal configuration, so whatever is going on with your events, your visitors will know about it. Thank you so much for including our Foxhound themes.