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Now, he only came to visit when he meant serious business. We belong together forever. The only thing that understands me is the virtual world, and my family tries to take that from me. As I defend my stars and fight for all that is good in the universe, my opponent withers and shrinks, folding in on itself.

This year she said she wants to get everyone to cry. As you may have noticed, Comma is not here. My brother gets the whole day on the internet.

Not feeling comfortable in my own skin. For some of the people we talk with, this will be a topic with which they have always struggled, and they may be able to speak easily. They are like an unstoppable wave of feathered locusts, dhangad dhinga songs eating every scrap of bread they can get their pointy beaks on! Looking for great original monologues for teenagers?

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What do you mean you are busy? Find someone else to rip their heart to shreds. Because sharing is really important. What if he never comes back?

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It sounds like a blow-torch. This collection, or any part thereof, may not be reproduced online, electronically, or in book form without the express written permission of the publisher Drama Notebook. Learn more about accountability.

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Any ideas of where I can find something? The ocean seems scary to many, even dangerous. You take a deep breath, approach the troll, and ask for your pencil back.

Able monologues

Cupid aims his arrow at the wrong person. We hope to educate the public about the realities of structural racism and promote an empathetic exploration of each other's experiences. All the other people in the band just look mad in their pictures, especially the skunk hair guy. He has completely taken over the family computer.

Probably not, maybe you threw those away a long time ago. Hey, you in the back, quiet down.

Maybe we can come up with a compromise. See, the humans, they respect me.

Working on monologues is an important developmental tool for any actor. We are also building a collection of monologues on video. My mom just bought it for me.

Oh my God, I might starve. No one can match my skills or mastery. Listen up guys I can break into any house anywhere, anytime, take whatever I want, in and out ten minutes no prints no evidence nothing. He smiles with black teeth. My daddy left because of me.

He reached out to me and I hugged him, trying desperately to keep it together. Opens book and begins reading again. My work bag, my pajamas, my shoes, were soaked!

Ross also likes to do things like stuff mashed potatoes down your shirt at lunch. My mom also likes this band called Aerosmith. Birds are so much freer than any person I know. This one change in my life would have a ripple effect on my life forever. Lila had her turn to live, and then she had her turn to melt.

Once upon a time, that is. The Goddess Persephone tells of her life with her beloved Hades in the underworld. He really wanted to know what he could do to help me. Um, could you all stop staring at me please? An employee explains why they were late to work.

He looks like my aunt Sharon who used to look really old, but had her face lifted up and now she looks surprised all the time. Well, welcome to my world. This is a Comma-free society. It explains a lot actually.

He grins and starts playing the flute again. And do you know the best part? Nothing but a gloried delivery man if you ask me! You reach for it and realize it is covered in something sticky. He taped you to the back of his car because his tail-light was out.

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Omg, I had the worst day at the mall today. You have no one to talk to. Everyone get out your pencils. Anyway, back to the seasons.