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The Telugu version received mostly negative response. The feel good factor in the first half and the sorrowful elements in the second half do not jell. He seems to be disinterested in life. What begins as a jolly fun ride ends up on a slow and somber emotional tale.

The trip rekindles past memories and creates new dilemma. Story Manu Siddharth lands in Hyderabad and starts living in a rented house. On the flip side, the narration of the film is very slow and the last half-an-hour of the film is a bit confusing. Their fairytale love story had a shocking end. The hero getting a house in T.

But the developments are too predictable. Siddharth has made a fabulous re-entry into Tamil films. First half of the film is nice with entertainment though slow-paced and classy.

Tanikella Bharani as Narayanan, Renu's father. Nithya Menen plays her part well. Some scenes are poetic the parting kiss involving Siddharth and Priya and some scenes are interesting the nervousness of Nitya when Siddharth comes to her house without prior notice. All lyrics written by Madhan Karky Tamil, except where noted.

The screenplay should have been better towards the end of the movie. The narration and direction of the movie is suave and sophisticated. Each and every frame in this movie is like a photo frame. Music songs and background music by Sharath is very good. The basic story has reference to a couple of Telugu films.

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He has rendered a performance that shows his maturity as an actor. Siddharth comes up with a natural and mature performance in the role that has got multiple shades. When things come to a crucial stage, Mano sets off to another place and Vidya is determined to follow him. Ajay, without informing her, decides to leave the city. Incidentally, he gets to talk to a boy, whose words teach him a lesson.

Siddharth walks away with honours. Unfortunately the storyline is very familiar and the director has tried his best to leave an impression with his narration. The movie revolves around Dr. Coming to his help are writers Subha.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Many scenes seem to be redundant and some scenes like the entry of the mother of the hero are unwarranted.

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But the length and details with which these scenes are portrayed mislead us. Nitya Menen handles a heavy role comfortably. Siddharth Priya Anand Nithya Menen. Murthy Geetha as Jayam, Murthy's wife.

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The protagonist Siddharth is seen taking a dip in the Ganges with a deep sorrow casting a shadow on his face. She has a major portion in the movie and the director projected her from the best of the angles. What happens when one comes to know that he is going to die soon? The plus points of the film are casting and technical aspects cinematography, music and postt-production. The lacuna has been the story, which is as old as the hill.

Sri Charan as Siddharth's friend deserves a mention. Latter part of the second half dwells into the main story. As a bubbly youth in the first half and in the latter part an insecure man facing death, he has performed exceedingly well. Ajay is the sort of person who finds satisfaction in helping others.

Rangam 2 Movie Songs

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As a result, Nootrienbathu has come out as a finely made film with some good performances without novelty or the gripping element. This is a new concept for Indian Music industry. He gets married to her and all things go well until Ajay is diagnosed of cancer and that he is just counting his days. You can update your channel preference from the Settings menu in the header menu. He had come across Renu Priya Anand and its romance between them.

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The soundtrack for was composed by Malayalam composer Sharreth. The lyrics too are simple and catchy. As Ajay is about to leave Chennai, yuga songs Vidya meets with an accident and has to be operated upon. It is revealed that Ajay had faked his death to make Renu believe that he had died so that she would not suffer thinking about him every day. The entire film looks slick in terms of visuals and sound.

The movie is entertaining and the locations and the background score are fresh and new. It is pretty hard to write an analysis without revealing the story. The rest of the story is all about who Manu is and is about his mysterious past. Kriti Kharbanda takes to pole dancing.