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Road To Tokyo When Jesse's record is a huge success in Japan, his record company sends him there to promote it. After Joey leaves, Julie hires Jesse to fill the vacant afternoon slot at the station, as long as Joey works as his partner. Michelle feels hurt when she discovers that it's not a real wedding, and everyone finally realizes that the way Michelle truly feels about Steve is not something to play around with. It turns out that Joey bought the car without knowing that it was stolen property, and Officer Warren has to have the car towed away. Jesse tells Dick that if he were Dick's mechanic, Dick would be having brake problems.

At the airport, the surprise turns out to be D. Meanwhile, Danny and Vicky re-examine their long distance relationship, and Michelle gives Nicky and Alex a doll, but Jesse doesn't think it would be manly for Nicky and Alex to play with dolls. It appears that Nicky and Alex don't like beans. Charles feels helpless because, like Stephanie, Charles doesn't have a mother because Charles's mother is dead. Jesse and Joey later admit that they feel terrible about making Michelle feel so hurt, and they convince Michelle to play a different part in the play.

Jesse would love to have this job. Danny won't give his permission, so Stephanie lets Kimmy pierce her ears. Michelle has fallen head over heels for Steve, and she decides that she wants to marry Steve. Meanwhile, Joey invites Alison Axelrod over for dinner, and Joey may end up messing dinner up because he becomes a nervous klutz whenever he's around Alison. Teaser includes Stephanie and Michelle.

Hershel owns Giant Binkley Used Cars, and he'll be the goaltender for the team that the Celebrity All star team will be playing against. That's why Jesse reserved a honeymoon suite for he and Becky in Orlando.

Stephanie and Michelle read D. Jesse and the Rippers will be the featured band at the prom, and Becky is one of the chauffeurs. Jesse and Michelle hang up a king sized stocking. Jesse and Joey do their radio show, and it turns out that Joey is deathly afraid of sharks, so he's reluctant to swim out of the pod with Jesse so they can get out of the aquarium.

Danny explains to Michelle that she shouldn't have wandered off by herself, and that it was wrong for her to be so bossy. It seems that Danny is afraid of any changes of that kind, and he and Vicky break up. Steve comes over so he and D. Jesse doesn't like this idea, because he is angry with Joey for insulting him on the air.

Becky tells Jesse that she does want his dream to come true, and that he can't forget about his family, and Jesse realizes that Becky is right. Becky watches Nicky and Alex wake up Michelle. Michelle and her friend Denise Frasier have nothing to do, so they jump up and down on Michelle's bed. The Long Goodbye Danny and Vicky try to make their long distance romance work. Becky doesn't like the fact that the reason why Jesse entered Nicky and Alex in the contest is because Jesse is on a mission to take Dick down a few pegs.

While everyone is doing their own thing at Disney World, D. Pearson, absolutely humiliated Jesse in front of the whole class, and Jesse could no longer face his classmates.

Danny has plans to pick Vicky up from the airport, so he asks D. By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms. Nicky and Alex climb out of their cribs and get in bed with Jesse and Becky.

Josh takes Stephanie out for pizza, and Joey invites his boss, Alison, to the house for dinner. Joey attempted a shot that would have tied the game, but Stonewall stopped the shot and didn't allow Joey to score. Joey is scheduled to play in the Bay City Charity Foundation ice hockey game for the Celebrity All Star hockey team at the Iceoplex on Saturday, ditillo singles dating but that's still a few days away. Collecting things to recycle.

Steve goes upstairs, where D. When they return home, they are studying when they realize that they are in love with each other.

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Teddy tells Michelle that he'll be moving to Amarillo, Texas because his father got a new job. Jesse will do absolutely anything to make that happen, even falsifying information on the application form in order to get Bouton Hall to accept Nicky and Alex. Becky's snobby millionaire cousin Dick Donaldson has arrived in town from Nebraska with his wife Donna and twin daughters Debbie and Darla.

Minutes later, Danny walks in while D. Danny and Jesse follow Michelle, and Jesse admits that he didn't do a very good job of being in charge of his group. Stephanie falls for Terry, one of the members of the choir.

But he learns to understand her feelings of love for Steve when he realizes he loves Vicky. Danny then admits that he felt hurt by Michelle's choice to be with Jesse's group, and that's why Danny was so hard on Jesse. This ends the field trip, and at home, Danny blows up at Jesse, and Michelle goes to her room because she believes that this situation is her fault. Joey feels terrible that D.

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Stephanie and Michelle were hoping that the surprise would be better than this and that D. Meanwhile, it's time for Nicky and Alex to receive their first haircut, and Becky and Jesse are reluctant to let this change happen. Stephanie and Michelle are obsessed with receiving gifts for Christmas.